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What do you think will happen with filming of films and tv?

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DaisylovesDonald Mon 27-Apr-20 21:22:57

Just sat watching tv now. Already it seems slightly strange seeing people so close together.

I don’t think anything is currently still being filmed. I wonder what will happen with that? So many films already postponed or unable to be completed, and tv shows already going off the air. I wonder what they could put into place to start again?

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PersonaNonGarter Mon 27-Apr-20 21:25:52

It’s too complicated to social distance at the moment. How could conversations look natural at 2m distance? How would make up artists work? Etc.

There does seem enough media to keep us going tho. Personally, I have at least 10 shows I want to binge watch..

EricaNernie Mon 27-Apr-20 21:27:33

is that itv show being filmed? that one with singing?

pocketem Mon 27-Apr-20 22:12:32

All soaps stopped filming last month

PicsInRed Mon 27-Apr-20 22:17:42

It will all become like The Invention of Lying ... or a PBS Civil War special.

BogRollBOGOF Mon 27-Apr-20 22:18:04

I suspect a lot of repeats in the next year...
There will be a lot due to be filmed now and in coming months for viewing in the autumn/ winter/ spring that will be on hold.

Imagines Strictly trying to do an Agentine Tango with 2m distancing... grin

DaisylovesDonald Mon 27-Apr-20 22:28:01

The lack of films is going to cause a big problem for cinemas trying to reopen as well

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Holothane Mon 27-Apr-20 22:31:38

Christmas tv won’t be watched this year no call the midwife not even sure dr who has been filmed the special one. I don’t watch much tv haven’t done for years apart from animal documentaries medical stuff, the rest is blu ray and dvds and I have a fantastic collection of history dramas, aminals,

megletthesecond Mon 27-Apr-20 22:38:21

The Archers is planning to broadcast lockdown episodes from May.

ItsGoingTibiaK Mon 27-Apr-20 22:39:49

Neighbours is resuming filming. They’ve split the studio into isolated zones and will be using camera trickery to make it appear like characters are closer than they are.

Laiste Mon 27-Apr-20 22:44:50

I was wondering about Great British Bake off earlier today. Suddenly occurred to me .... sad

AND The Chelsea Flower Show. sigh.

megletthesecond Mon 27-Apr-20 22:46:58

I hope Chelsea, Wimbledon, Glastonbury and the Olympics are all shown as vintage highlights. I wouldn't like those events to go unmarked.

Wonder what the plan is for next weekends VE day celebration? Hope it was all filmed in time.

PicsInRed Mon 27-Apr-20 22:48:55

Maybe Shortland Street will finally find its international audience? 😉

ElfDragon Mon 27-Apr-20 22:54:57

Omg, is Shortland Street still going?! My brother and I used to watch that (in the UK!) when home on uni holidays. Oh, that’s made me smile.

delilabell Mon 27-Apr-20 22:58:23

Line of duty. 😭

Cassie71 Mon 27-Apr-20 23:02:45

On YouTube there's an SNL sketch called sands of Modesto starring Daniel Craig. It's a glimpse of what tv could be like post Coronavirus.

middleager Mon 27-Apr-20 23:14:18

Eastenders has previously done 'talking heads' style episodes, focusing on one cast member (Ethel, Dot). Maybe a few of those filmed to a pre set up camera? Outdoor pieces?

I miss the cinema. I love Imax but we also have a local flea pit that does kids cinema and cheap deals. I fear it won't survive this and that's a shame as I went there as a kid 40 years ago.

middleager Mon 27-Apr-20 23:15:00

Shortland Street takes me back - is the theme toon still the same?

Bumfuzzled Mon 27-Apr-20 23:21:20

The lack of the Chelsea Flower show has suddenly made me feel really sad sad

ItsGoingTibiaK Mon 27-Apr-20 23:25:39

Eastenders has previously done 'talking heads' style episodes, focusing on one cast member (Ethel, Dot). Maybe a few of those filmed to a pre set up camera? Outdoor pieces?

Oh God, I've just had flashbacks to possibly the worst piece of TV I've ever seen. A 'special' edition of Eastenders where Alfie Moon went in search of a condom while Kat Slater waited for him in bed. Of course, good old Alfie got into some 'hilarious' scrapes along the way. The whole thing was just painful, and may well have been the last time I ever saw Eastenders.

DadOnIce Mon 27-Apr-20 23:27:26

Holothane - the Dr Who special has been recorded and finished, it's a Dalek one.

Juanmorebeer Mon 27-Apr-20 23:29:25

They didn't finish filming line of duty which is the only programme I care about so woe is me

middleager Mon 27-Apr-20 23:52:06

That sounds bad its

I was so excited about Line of Duty, especially Ted's one liners.

Year6teacher754 Tue 28-Apr-20 08:14:12

Good Morning Britain and This Morning are still broadcasting live every weekday morning. They have the presenters in the studio social distancing and guests joining in via video link from their houses.

WhatWouldYouDoWhatWouldJesusDo Tue 28-Apr-20 08:32:08

So long as I get to see Anya kill Jeff off I don't care about anything else. And if she doesn't get round to it I'm happy to do it for him. 😤

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