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Shielding and splenectomy

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Jellybean27 Mon 27-Apr-20 17:10:09

Just a heads up for any others with no spleen!

I was contacted by my GP today to advise that as I have had a splenectomy, I should now be shielding. (And by the looks of it, from recently updated info online, I should have been weeks ago)
Although I am not predisposed to Covid 19, I am more at risk of developing bacterial infections which could cause big problems.

Coincidentally, I have been tested for Covid at a drive to test centre today after hitting a temp of 37.8 yesterday. My husband is a key worker and was able to book us in to be tested this afternoon.

I contacted the 111 Coronavirus service to let them know about my temperature and was called back by a doctor. He has said that my biggest concern without a spleen is septicaemia and should make this very clear to anyone I speak to in regards to Covid symptoms and/or if having to be admitted to hospital.

Hope this is of some use to anyone who has been searching for splenectomy advice. Definitely worth contacting your gp if you are yet to hear about shielding advice.

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