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I just got a shielding letter (Scotland)

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feetfreckles Sat 02-May-20 16:50:15

Check asthma uk website for the latest asthma screening criteria, they changed many times at the start
The word triple wasn't mentioned, but it was if all these are true
Asthma, combination inhaler or simple inhaler plus additional medication , recent steroids

eightytwenty Sat 02-May-20 16:50:11

I got the letter (also Scotland). Called my GP who said that I didn’t need to be on it (albeit was still vulnerable) and she arranged to have me taken off the list.

missloum Sat 02-May-20 16:45:56

My sister is a carer and has really bad asthma and constantly on steroids been in hospital 5 times over the last 6 months, yet she doesn’t have a shielding letter as apparently it’s the government that said as she’s not on triple therapy for asthma she doesn’t need to shield, she still needs to work, my aunt has diabetes and has a shielding letter

Gingerkittykat Fri 01-May-20 18:57:00

I got a phone call from the GP practice and it was an error, I wonder how many people have been sent letter like this in error.

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namechangenumber2 Mon 27-Apr-20 16:22:04

We've been sent one today too - seems to be in error, I'm just waiting for confirmation. DS would have hit the criteria a few years ago, but doesn't now. I'm wondering if it's just the word in his medical records ( cancer- chemotherapy) that's triggered it?

BakedCam Mon 27-Apr-20 15:55:25

Just looking at the guidance for the shielded person's list. (England)

They draw down data across GP, A+E, certain meds that have been prescribed over the last four months.

This is phase 2.

LilacTree1 Mon 27-Apr-20 15:36:16

Check why you’re on

But don’t forget, it’s just guidance.

Gingerkittykat Mon 27-Apr-20 15:32:51

It says even if you are not in the groups advertised as needing shielding your GP can put you on the list if they think it is necessary.

I need to phone the practice and see why I have been put on the list.

Socially distancing from the rest of the household in a small 2 bed flat will be impossible.

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teqcar Mon 27-Apr-20 15:28:28

It could be an error if you don't think you should be in that group.

Gingerkittykat Mon 27-Apr-20 15:24:34

I have diabetes and mild asthma so have no idea why I have got this letter. Is it the combination of conditions or the fact my diabetes is not under good control right now?

I'm now terrified, I knew I was in the high-risk group but the shielding group scares me.

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