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I’m finding it so hard to concentrate wfh - anyone else?

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Littlemiss74 Mon 27-Apr-20 12:20:55

Some days have been ok but today I just cannot concentrate working from home. My head is spinning with everything. I have sat in front of my PC all morning and only done a couple of emails.

My thoughts are racing about this whole situation. I am in vulnerable group & am worried about DH going back to work & DC’s to school. Have tried putting it out of my mind but it’s still there subconsciously.
My friend’s Dad (care home) died at the weekend so am thinking about her awful situation and worried about my own Dad who is in a care home and I haven’t seen for 6 weeks. Not looking likely he’s ever going to remember me again when I do get to visit🙁

DH is trying to home school 2 DC’s. He is losing patience, DH’s are getting fed up and missing school & friends. They are noisy, some disagreements/raised voices which mean I can’t concentrate on my work.

Anyone else struggling with this?

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