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Has anyone else lost weight?

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SunnyStroll Mon 27-Apr-20 09:10:24

DH has lost more than half a stone, despite, frankly much less exercise (he walks about 6m as part of his commute) and much more alcohol.

He was probably about 1.5 stone overweight and he has always (lightheartedly) blamed my cooking.

Turns out the lattes, "occasional" bacon sandwiches, office cakes and meal deal lunches might be much more implicated! And dont worry, I have said "I told you so". I knew there was no way he was getting fat on what I fed him.

Just in case, I cook because I enjoy it and am home first, he does all the washing and ironing, there's no need to worry for

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kevintheorangecarrot Mon 27-Apr-20 09:19:34

I've lost weight due to stress and anxiety. I suffer from both on a daily basis and this Covid pandemic has just exacerbated it even further

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