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What do you think will Boris say tomorrow?

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coffeecoffeegoose Sun 26-Apr-20 22:47:27

I think it will be interesting to have him back and see what he has to say after experiencing Covid himself.. will he extend lockdown?

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Ellmau Sun 26-Apr-20 22:51:45

“”Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

Drivingdownthe101 Sun 26-Apr-20 22:52:19

Stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives.

Drivingdownthe101 Sun 26-Apr-20 22:53:59

No he won’t extend it tomorrow. As the others have said, every day, he’ll say ‘it’s too early to look at lifting restrictions. And ‘we’re starting to see our efforts paying off, but we need to keep going’. And ‘we’re all in this together’.

Ketchupqueen1 Sun 26-Apr-20 23:00:54

NHS blah blah blah
Wash Hands blah blah blah
Critical time blah blah blah

lljkk Sun 26-Apr-20 23:04:19


NotKeenOnSwede Sun 26-Apr-20 23:10:29

No significant statement or changes until after the next bank holiday

Sleepyquest Sun 26-Apr-20 23:13:23

@Ketchupqueen1 you forgot 'unprecedented'

HabbyHadno Sun 26-Apr-20 23:18:14

"I'm going to level with you", "we're following the science" "erm, yes, Laura Kuenssberg from the BBC", "our wonderful NHS", "do you want to come back on that?"

gingajewel Sun 26-Apr-20 23:20:42

@HabbyHadno spot on 👍👍

SquirtleSquad Sun 26-Apr-20 23:21:20

We could make a drinking game out of this..

EmMac7 Sun 26-Apr-20 23:23:55

They’re talking about “modifying” the lockdown, but I doubt that would come tomorrow — more likely it’ll just be a Boris is back statement with some mild hints of potential modification.

collateralmadamage Sun 26-Apr-20 23:33:49

Thanks to the wonderful NHS

Counterpane Sun 26-Apr-20 23:39:03

He will say whatever Dominic Cummings tells him to.

FiveFootTwoEyesOfBlue Sun 26-Apr-20 23:40:31

I think he's wanted to be the one to announce some slight easing of restrictions, so that he can be the popular one. He made Dominic Raab keep saying now is not the right time, making him the fall guy. I think he will make reference to some plans or options under consideration now, but they won't take effect straight away.

DogInATent Sun 26-Apr-20 23:42:02

Once he emerges from the fridge he's been hiding in he'll throw a Bone of Good News (some trivial relaxation of rules) and hope no one associates him with the restrictions and bad news.

And the public will lap it up.

He's already got the BBC quoting Raab in their headlines about how having Boris back will be a 'boost to the country'. No one's at all concerned that we've cruised through the 'good result' target of 20,000 Covid related deaths.


GabsAlot Sun 26-Apr-20 23:49:00

Hello its nice to be back our wonderful nhs saved my life im the ressurection everyone do as i say-thanks again bye

Coquohvan Sun 26-Apr-20 23:49:32

Once he emerges from the fridge he's been hiding in

He’s been in ICU not a fridge you silly billy. Back in your box there’s a good person.

middleager Sun 26-Apr-20 23:57:06

Boris Bingo, as mentioned upthread. Including "take it on the chin"

According to the Daily Mail today he "won his battle" with C19 so maybe he'll arrive via Spitfire tothe Dambusters and do a "we'll fight Covid on the supermarket aisles" speech.

Either way, I expect it will be cringeworthy, but his fans will lap it up. A national treasure sad

BigChocFrenzy Mon 27-Apr-20 00:02:23

He'll need to get a full briefing from all his advisers

and it would probably take him a few days to get fully up to date

... so I hope he isn't going to make any decisions either way,
until he's had time to take it all in and have a good think

So he'll probably just say tomorrow that he's glad to be back and is getting stuck into some work

Carlislemumof4 Mon 27-Apr-20 00:03:36

That we're in this for the long haul and there'll be no easing of restrictions for the time being. With a firm reminder that they may have to be tightened if people flout the guidance.

EveryFlightBeginsWithAFall Mon 27-Apr-20 00:07:25

Don't be like me, don't go around shaking hands with people who have covid

Protect the NHS, unlike me

DaisylovesDonald Mon 27-Apr-20 00:08:25

Get Brexit done

FurForksSake Mon 27-Apr-20 00:21:13

I reckon he's going to announce garden centres and craft shops can open with social distancing. Maybe pets at home if he is in a good mood.

Lumene Mon 27-Apr-20 00:24:55

I reckon a small bone of a change either now or soonish. Possibly near future and contingent on everyone being good until then.

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