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NHS Regional Dental hubs

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TJH130 Sun 26-Apr-20 17:53:02

Has anyone on here been referred to and been to one of these dental hubs?

I’ve a broken tooth that needs pulling, it got reinfected a month ago and the dentist could only prescribe Amoxicillin then, as expected its reinfected for a third time.

I will call the dentist tomorrow but I know he can’t do anything himself to remove it but has anyone managed to be seen by a Dental hub, and are they just regular dentist surgeries that are providing this service

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TJH130 Mon 27-Apr-20 12:23:27

Just to follow up on this

Regular dentists will only prescribe penicillin and if that doesn’t work a stronger penicillin, if that then doesn’t work they’ll refer to a regional hub for extraction only.

If you don’t go through the first two hoops the referral is rejected even if like in my case today I’m being given the first run of penicillin for the third time (last one being 4 weeks ago and the one before that 4 weeks earlier)

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oldbagface Mon 27-Apr-20 16:10:11

Abscess here. Just completed first lot of antibiotics. Wating for it to reinfect. Told I will then get second lot of meds then sent for extraction of offending tooth only no draining of abscess. And it's likely to be miles away.

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