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Socialising in the garden

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disconnecteddrifter Sun 26-Apr-20 15:38:05

My partner just had two adults and their 3 kids around to the garden for tea and a chat.
Is this acceptable?

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Bluntness100 Sun 26-Apr-20 15:39:09

I couldn’t get worked up about it to be honest.

Why are you asking, when you say partner, how long have you been together?

CaryStoppins Sun 26-Apr-20 15:40:35

So long as the visitors are all from one household and your partner stayed 2m then sounds fine.

Unworthie Sun 26-Apr-20 15:44:28

I dropped some shopping off for my neighbours yesterday, I'd walked, it was hot and so they gave me a can of pop. I sat on a garden chair while they stood in the doorway.
Social distancing observed. They disinfected the chair after I left.
I had to go anyway because they needed a prescription and some shopping and no one else to get for them.
Wouldn't make a habit of it but also don't think it's a hanging offence either.

disconnecteddrifter Sun 26-Apr-20 15:45:44

Yes they were from one household but they had tea, went on play equipment. I just asked them to leave as I'm a key worker and they are expecting the peak in my area over the next two weeks. It made me really upset that we have been unnecessarily exposed ans unnecessarily exposed them

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disconnecteddrifter Sun 26-Apr-20 15:47:03

Yeah they only came to socialise and drank out of mugs. Its that they came in and my partner didnf say anything. It increases my chances of not being able to work

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user1493413286 Sun 26-Apr-20 15:47:16

Officially no it’s not although I’m at the point where I’d be ok with it but he should have asked you first and not done it if you didn’t agree.

CaryStoppins Sun 26-Apr-20 15:47:35

If you kept a distance how did they expose you?

You’re more likely to be infected if you’re going out to work anyway.

disconnecteddrifter Sun 26-Apr-20 15:48:30

They were not two metres apart either. And I'm worried the neighboirs will report as they know I'm a key worker

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Bluntness100 Sun 26-Apr-20 15:49:56

I’m also confused how they have exposed you when you’re a key worker, are they showing symptoms? Did you not keep two metres away?

Or did you just not want them there ?

SleepingStandingUp Sun 26-Apr-20 15:51:28

Well no, having friends over to hang out, in and out the house, playing with toys etc isn't OK. I'd say the risk to you is fairly small as you're already out and about it public, but of course they're also exposed to your possible "germs" which they can pass along to the next house they go to for a hangout. Everyone seems to think lock down is over

mistermagpie Sun 26-Apr-20 15:53:36

My FIL dropped round yesterday with something for DH. He didn't come in the house, just stood in the garden (well more than 2m apart) and had a chat. Can't really see what harm it can have done. The other family were more at risk from you than you from them, if you see the only key worker in the mix.

Mrsjayy Sun 26-Apr-20 15:58:03

Was it your partners family not some randoms off the street? You were no more exposed than you would be at work you social distanced so were being responsible.

Greendayz Sun 26-Apr-20 15:58:05

It's technically not allowed. The risk seems very small to me, but I think your DP should have discussed it with you first. Need to think through what he'd do if one of them needed the toilet and asked to use yours. And yes there is a risk of neighbours reporting you especially if it was the front garden

disconnecteddrifter Sun 26-Apr-20 15:58:24

Just by touching everything sharing mugs. Yes I'm likely to get it working despite the ppe but I think these people socialise with many others also.

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Mrsjayy Sun 26-Apr-20 16:00:34

1 of my dc dropped milk round just after a night shift we stood and chatted for a bit then they went home .

Mrsjayy Sun 26-Apr-20 16:01:49

Why did you touch the mugs ?

NellMangel Sun 26-Apr-20 16:07:51

No it's not acceptable. Unfortunately people are relaxing a bit, assuming they are ok and wont infect or be infected. Also people are willing to take their chances cos.they arent vulnerable. Its selfish and will result in infection.

disconnecteddrifter Sun 26-Apr-20 16:09:23

It wasnt family. It was friends. I suppose I see so many people making sacrifices even a colleagues wife is pregnant and he has to rent somewhere and cant see her. Then people break the rules on my property without me knowing made me upset

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disconnecteddrifter Sun 26-Apr-20 16:11:54

@Mrsjayy I didnt know they had been drinking out of them

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disconnecteddrifter Sun 26-Apr-20 16:17:31

@Bluntness100 I'm more worried we have given them something. Then they go in someone else garden for an hour or two, swap bikes, mugs, play ball etc. Its not a pretty illness.

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Mrsjayy Sun 26-Apr-20 16:19:50

If you don't want them back j6st tell your partner that you don't want them there .

MotheringShites Sun 26-Apr-20 16:22:53

I get the distinct impression people are starting to apply some reason and common sense to their lives.

VenusTiger Sun 26-Apr-20 16:25:49

What's with all the excuses from some pps - rules are bloody rules- we all know full well the OP's partner and the family flouted the rules, end of. Lockdown is still in place. Ffs! This is going to be extended for months on end at this rate.

disconnecteddrifter Sun 26-Apr-20 16:34:38

@MotheringShites I get what yoire saying and these are sentiments far from mine but I cant decide personally that I am above lockdown because of my superior intellect. I think for better or worse, to give the nhs a chance to get through this situation we all follow the rules and not cherry pick what suits us even if we don't agree with them

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