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Anxiety and lockdown

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ReginaPhallange47 Sun 26-Apr-20 14:12:51

My main trigger for anxiety is doing things outside of my normal routine, going to new places, travelling and things like that. So in some respects lockdown has been a bit of a rest for me! Home is my safe place and I'm rarely anxious here.

But I'm so worried about how I will adjust back to normality when it resumes. Because I've been home for so long now I get anxious about the smallest and stupidest things. Queuing at the supermarket. Walking 5 minutes to post a birthday card. It's like as my world has shrunk my anxiety has intensified.

Before this I was ok with going to work, school runs and things like that because it was all part of the routine but now it isn't and I'm terrified of how bad I'm going to feel when it all starts up again. Sorry if this sounds stupid, I can't even make sense of it myself.

Always open to hearing other people's coping techniques. I hate anxiety

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ReginaPhallange47 Sun 26-Apr-20 19:04:07


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covetingthepreciousthings Sun 26-Apr-20 19:12:40

Please don't feel stupid, it's a global
Pandemic, none of us know how we should feel or react to this totally unknown scenario thanks

I feel similar to you, in that I have been quite relaxed at home for the past 4-5 weeks, but I haven't been out at all and I am worried how this will affect me when lockdown eases. As I am now comfortable at home and think going back to work etc will
make me anxious.

ReginaPhallange47 Sun 26-Apr-20 19:15:58

@covetingthepreciousthings thanks for replying. It's like we are in a safe little cocoon at the moment but going out again even do do the most simple of everyday tasks is going to feel like a huge deal.

I have always been anxious in situations where I have to go to new places or have a big event coming up or even travelling anywhere out outside of my local area by car. And I feel this lockdown period will really make that worse when normality starts again. I probably need to visit my gp when things settle down a bit.

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ella689 Thu 14-May-20 01:04:58

Just read this and thank goodness I'm not now feeling so alone Regina 😨
I suffer with anxiety anyway, so this whole lockdown is making me wonder whether I want to go out again!
We'll get through this 🤞and come out the other side - but thinking of everyone who feels the same ❣️

melonslicexx Mon 13-Jul-20 21:15:37

I know this is old but I found it searching for my own fears.

I've never particularly had anxiety just normal nerves in occasional situations.

Now I'm frightened of going out. I'm convinced something bads going to happen when I have to start "living again"

I'm worried I'll get stomach ache or feel too anxious to take my DD to school. Or I'll feel to weak and anxious to collect her.

I am worried to make any plans because I don't feel relaxed being out the house anymore.

My anxiety makes me panic and I end up feeling vunerable outside. I feel like I need to be able to escape and get home fast.

Just wondering if you have figured anything out? Thanks.

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