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Has anyone had the rash

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puguin86 Sat 25-Apr-20 22:38:40

So. 4 weeks ago I think I had Coronavirus. Temp over 40 and awful cough. Go prescribed me ABx and steroids but it would not shift. DC went on to develop coughs.

Unknown to me my line manager had also at the same time been admitted to ICU and was confirmed Covid. Which makes me even more sure !

For the past three weeks DH, DC and I have developed a chicken pox / hive rash /. Bruising. . Went to the chemist who said might be scabies or bed bugs. Grim.

Bought all the cream. Bed bug vacuum ! All the works. Thankfully big enough house to sleep in separate rooms.

Still ongoing after 3 weeks soo made an apt with gp over zoom

Gp adament that it is Covid 19 related and is one
Of the symptoms!

Anyone else

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PennyArrowBar Sat 25-Apr-20 23:02:12

My dad had very itchy hive/pox type rash. He had a persistent cough, mild breathlessness, no temp.

I had a mild looking but terribly itchy viral rash about two weeks after I had, whatever it was I had. (High temp, horrendous tight chest, dreadful cough that made me sick. DS had it slightly before me. But this was early March and so wrote it off as chest infection. Now thinking (wishful thinking!) That it may have been CV19.

DH works on public transport to and from an airport and a city centre.

puguin86 Sat 25-Apr-20 23:06:15

My Gp is Sure it's the symptom we are all missing

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ofwarren Sat 25-Apr-20 23:07:19

I had a viral type rash for about 24 hours. It was across my chest and over one cheek.
I never had a test but my GP said my symptoms were probably coronavirus. I had all the main symptoms.

sunandrose Sat 25-Apr-20 23:09:55

My 8month baby has a temp of 39 all of last weekend, no other symptoms. Although off food and milk, I think her throat was sore. On the Monday night she came out with a viral rash....

percypig Sat 25-Apr-20 23:11:09

DH is a GP and felt this was about this about 3 ago. He asked colleagues across our region via a closed GP Facebook group and quite a lot of other GPS agreed.

percypig Sat 25-Apr-20 23:11:39

*felt this was a symptom

TeaAndBisquits Sat 25-Apr-20 23:11:37

Both my daughters have the type of rash you describe.

One came out with it a week ago and the other came out with it yesterday.

I'm pretty sure I'm just getting over Covid -19 so this is a really interesting post.

I thought it looked either like bites or chicken pox. confused

Hotpinkangel19 Sat 25-Apr-20 23:16:22

My son has this, is it similar?

ofwarren Sat 25-Apr-20 23:20:29

That looks like chicken pox hotpinkangel

siblingrevelryagain Sat 25-Apr-20 23:20:32

I had Coronavirus (or do I believe) starting 5 weeks ago, symptoms mostly gone now (still no taste or smell), but today noticed a group of red lines on my chest, looks like when you’ve scratched too hard (ehich I haven’t), but still there hours later. Weird

TeaAndBisquits Sat 25-Apr-20 23:20:44

Hotpink. That's what my daughters look like.

Northernsoullover Sat 25-Apr-20 23:22:01

Google Covid toes. Apparently its definitely a 'thing'.

WaxOnFeckOff Sat 25-Apr-20 23:24:24

My DS had an itchy rash all over his hands and up his wrists and then in a line (following a vein?) up his arm. He had no other symptoms(other than being really tired) but at 18 is more unlikely to be A symptomatic. DH and I more than likely had it but DS was still living away (student) at the time and had the rash when he was picked up to come home. Who knows? confused he now has a cold and chest infection that doesn't sound like covid though.

ChallyCreaks Sat 25-Apr-20 23:31:11

My 3 dc had all had a similar chicken pox type rash a couple of weeks ago over their chest and legs. No other symptoms and they have all had chickenpox. Some spots were itchy and some were sore. We googled and it came up with spots on toes as pp mentioned. Dh and I haven't had any symptoms and We assumed in the end they were bites.

silver1977 Sat 25-Apr-20 23:37:55

Yes my dd has had what looks like the covid-toes. Really strange, no other symptoms but gp said could be corona virus.

Littlemiss74 Sat 25-Apr-20 23:39:39

What are covid toes (can’t bring myself to google images😳)

SpongeCake23 Sat 25-Apr-20 23:43:25

Yes, we all had Covid (I think) 5-6 weeks ago now. Me and DS (18 months) had a bad cough and other symptoms. Mine included a mild fever, chills and body aches, he had a mild fever. My DP has diarrhoea and loss of smell, also chills.
A couple of weeks later my DS developed what we thought was chicken pox all over his body and it was itchy, but never developed into chicken pox, stayed as little red/skin coloured bumps all over. They’ve mostly faded now. I had a bit of a rash too, but mildly.

Greenmarmalade Sat 25-Apr-20 23:46:58

Yes! Ds (18 months ) had awful fever, cough and the rash! My dd also has sickness and stomach cramps.

SquashedFlyBiscuit Sat 25-Apr-20 23:56:21

Oh that's interesting. Any pictures? My child has something I don't think is molluscum but is on her stomach/top of leg, but could be the same thing...

Slattery Sat 25-Apr-20 23:57:18

I’ve just googled the toes. It’s not dodgy. It’s actually really interesting.

Sosadandempty Sun 26-Apr-20 00:21:43

My daughter had a rash two weeks before lockdown - no other symptoms. My sister has recently told me that in Spain the rash is known to be a Covid symptom (here as well obviously but I hadn’t realised). Pic of one of the rash marks attached. She had them on her back and belly as well.

Sosadandempty Sun 26-Apr-20 00:22:10

(Pic of sunset attached by mistake!!)

OmartheGoose Sun 26-Apr-20 01:52:19

WaxonFeckoff that sounds like scabies.

tumtitum Sun 26-Apr-20 01:55:54

Interesting as I'm pretty sure DH and DD1 had it after they both had a fever and body aches after spending time with my SIL who was later diagnosed. Both DDs had what I felt was a viral rash for a couple of weeks after

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