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Where do you fall on the risk / opinion spectrum?

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infernotowering Sat 25-Apr-20 19:52:09

There’s been loads of threads this week about how much tolerance there is for further lockdown, meeting people, schools, work etc and I have been curious as to whether people’s opinions fall all at one end of the risk spectrum or the other. I know mine don’t for different reasons!

- Lockdown continuing - yes, mainly because I don’t really feel like we’re in a lockdown...not like China was. And I still go to work everyday.
- Schools - I think need to open really soon...but mainly because my child goes to a Sen school with only 8 in his class and he’s already massively disadvantaged from being out of school for a whole year.
- Meeting family / friends - not at all. It’s not necessary or me. Probably because I’m going to work everyday and having social contact.
- Sunbathing, picnics, parks, 4 hour walks etc - just really unnecessary and majorly pisses me off!
- Tourism within U.K. - no. Mainly because my coastal area will be flooded with tourists who can’t go abroad and we don’t have the health infrastructure at my hospital to cope.
- NHS non covid treatment - needs to start up to a point but no idea how. Everything we do is a transmission risk and some really high. We can’t work out how to offer the NHS safely currently.
- Social distancing - virtually impossible. There isn’t enough room anywhere for everyone to do it without most people staying at home - so how can it be a long term strategy??! And people me!

So my views are all over the spectrum, and everyone has their own levels of importance and views which will differ and that's ok but I can see how it will lead to discord between people as certain restrictions get lifted?

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