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Xdh a nurse - refusing contact with dc

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putastrawunderbaby Sat 25-Apr-20 19:05:27

Xdh moved nearly 200 miles away from the dc with new gf and had cut down contact before the lockdown. He has refused to tell me his new address. During lockdown he has skyped the dc twice, for 10 minutes. He's a nurse but he refuses to tell me if he's working in a high risk/high exposure to Covid19 situation. I know that he works part time, because he was keen to reduce his maintenance payments, but that's all I know. I would like him to see his children as it's been 7 weeks now and it's not fair on them. If it puts them at increased risk then I understand that it's not a good idea but he won't allow me to know what the risk is. If we head towards months of social distancing I'm concerned that there'll always be an excuse for him not to see his children. What's the best thing to do for them? There's no contact order.

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TDL2016 Sun 26-Apr-20 10:05:58

He moved 200 miles away from the kids, doesn’t sound like he’s too bothered in maintaining a relationship with them.

enoughofthebullshit Sun 26-Apr-20 10:09:50

What @TDL2016 said.

Thighmageddon Sun 26-Apr-20 10:24:45

Accept that he's not going to see them and start preparing your children for that.

OhLook Sun 26-Apr-20 10:27:02

If he doesn't care he doesn't care. I don't think you should waste energy on it. It would be no good for the kids to see him when he's feeling forced anyway, they'll pick up on it.

CalleighDoodle Sun 26-Apr-20 10:29:08

He doesn't care about them at all. He isn't interested. He will have more children and yours together with be an inconvenience to him. Trying to force contact will do more harm to your children, as they will see how little they actually factor in his decision. Good parents dont move 200 miles away from their children, as they can’t possibly be active parents at that distance. Holiday and weekend parent fun figures at best. Certainly not the hard craft daily, grind parents.

Build up yours and your children’s lives so he isn't missed. Theyll miss the idea of a good father, but they dont have that.

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