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Help after drive through test

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completelyclueless1 Sat 25-Apr-20 15:57:46

I was one of the lucky self isolating key workers who managed to get a spot at a drive through test centre today.

I'm just a bit confused. I went with a QR code and they gave me a test to self administer. They then said on the way out that I must register by midnight tonight. I asked where and they said they didn't know, and to call the helpline on my test reciept (0203 514 3817).

The number doesn't work. Has anyone else had this done and know what I need to do next? I don't want to have wasted everybody's time by not doing things properly, but I can't find anything on Google and the number hasn't worked for hours.

Maybe they are wrong - the service already has my email address and phone number as that's where my QR code was sent.

Sorry, a very boring question!

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completelyclueless1 Sat 25-Apr-20 16:03:11

Sorry, I finally got through on that number - keep trying if this happens to you!

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randomnhsstaff Sun 26-Apr-20 19:34:09

@completelyclueless1 What did they end up saying? I'm in exactly the same situation.
I tried calling however the automated call sounds like it's just for people wanting to setup new appointments, not people with any issues.

completelyclueless1 Sun 26-Apr-20 19:45:18

I got through to a person in the end, I can't remember what option, it was a late one.

She was very nice, she wasn't very clear, she seemed to imply that I was already all linked up and egistration wasn't needed, she did a double check anyway for me and said all looked fine.

Good luck!

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randomnhsstaff Sun 26-Apr-20 19:47:25

Thought it was going to be something like that. A bit of poor messaging on the testing side it seems.

Thanks for the help.

DisgraceToTheYChromosome Sun 26-Apr-20 20:19:55

We had it done yesterday. DW booked it as a keyworker through work, then we registered on the website with our details. When we were tested, we got a card with a barcode. Scanning the barcode linked our details to the test, we got our results (both positive) around 1900 today.

Bathroom12345 Sun 26-Apr-20 20:28:11

My DS is a supermarket worker. He tells me that if he shows symptoms and wants a test he doesn’t need to prove anything.He goes onto the site and they trust he is an essential/key worker. No checks are done. Surely that is prone to abuse?

He doesn’t need a test btw but I was trying to ensure we knew what to do if he did.

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