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Would you report a neighbour?

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whereiscaroline Sat 25-Apr-20 15:45:20

I think my hatred of these particular neighbours is skewing my judgement a little. They've been horrible neighbours from the moment they've moved in with frequent very loud parties, sound system in the garden, large groups of people shouting and swearing out in the garden from mid afternoon until late at night meaning DC couldn't sleep.

They're having a party today. Now. There's about 10 of them there. Would you report it? Half of me thinks I should keep my nose out, the other half thinks sod them, they deserve a fine for all the bloody misery they have caused.

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FreierFall Sat 25-Apr-20 15:50:22

ChoppingBlock Sat 25-Apr-20 15:55:05

My neighbours (next but one) are having a big BBQ. I'm not reporting because they're never a bother/not loud and it's up to them if they want to risk it.

But in your case, I'd report.

SunShine682 Sat 25-Apr-20 16:08:23

No I wouldn’t, I mind my own business like you should.

HappyBirthdayQueenieMarm Sat 25-Apr-20 16:13:41

They will know its you and will get worse.
I wouldnt report.

whereiscaroline Sat 25-Apr-20 16:21:11

Not sure they would know it was me tbh. They have had noise complaints submitted against them by other neighbours in the past. The gardens round here are very cramped together and there are 7 gardens in very close proximity to theirs, plus probably another two or three houses that would have seen their "guests" arriving.

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bringbacksideburns Sat 25-Apr-20 16:38:48

Mind your own business? What kind of pathetic response is that. Selfish idiots like this are the kind my relative is risking his life for daily helping in the NHS right now.

As they have had previous reports and it wont be obvious its you I wouldn't hesitate. And make sure you tell the Police they are always doing it.

There are too many people ignoring the lockdown and acting like this. It makes me very angry and so grateful for decent neighbours.

Thighmageddon Sat 25-Apr-20 16:41:19

Yes I'd report, even if the police don't see it this time I've read they are adding certain streets on when doing their rounds to keep an eye on things.

Justjn1 Sat 25-Apr-20 17:37:52

Totally agree, well said @bringbacksideburns

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