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Ocado slots - another question

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NoggintheNogs Sat 25-Apr-20 15:19:05

Can I ask another Q please.

I have a mid week pass and have done for ages.

I had an email from Ocado saying they are giving priority to long term and best customers.

But is that ME?

In their FAQ they say people who are on the priority list have been emailed with details of logging in and availability.

So is the email I had that one?

All it said was I could not see or book slots 7 days either side of any existing or recently delivered orders I had.

So far, I have been able to book two slots on consecutive weeks - same day of the week- but they slots were not free to book until around 4 days after my most recent delivery. The days and times were all blanked out then when I looked again, some were free.

What I'm trying to work out is if I am a priority customer and can I sort-of rely on getting a slot almost weekly?

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MrsLJ2014 Sat 25-Apr-20 15:39:34

I have been able to book a slot once a week for the next 3 weeks in advance. I have an anytime pass and have been a customer for over 10 years.

NoggintheNogs Sat 25-Apr-20 16:49:38


I just found their email too generic.

If it had said Noggin YOU are a priority customer and YOU can access slots 7 days either side of your pending or last slot, that would make sense.

It didn't make it clear if the email was being sent to every single Ocado customer or only the 'chosen' ones who were loyal customers.

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user34254356 Sat 25-Apr-20 16:54:32

I never received an email but also been able to book up to 3 slots in advance, one per week

BlameItOnTheBogey Sat 25-Apr-20 16:57:25

I got a text message from them that explicitly said I was getting slots because I was a loyal customer. Or some such. Then I was able to book three slots over three weeks.

4amWitchingHour Sat 25-Apr-20 16:59:50

Ocado seem to be all over the place. I've not had an email recently, but have had a smart pass for two years, can't book a delivery until my latest one is out for delivery. When they previously sent an email about grouping customers into booking windows and we'd be notified by email and text, there was no email or anything after that point, I only found out I could book something by trying it out. I think the booking policy might vary by area, but their comms is all over the shop.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Sat 25-Apr-20 17:08:22

I can now only book a slot once a fortnight.

LoudBatPerson Sat 25-Apr-20 17:12:46

My emails have all said you can book a slot every 7 days.

I think if you can access the site outside of the general slot release times (6 to 8pm I think, but might have changed) you have one of the levels of priority access.

NoggintheNogs Sat 25-Apr-20 17:13:25


I have been with them for years but have had spells when I've switched to another supermarket, so maybe I'm not high enough up the pecking order.

For the last 2 weeks I've had an order on a Thursday (one is going to a family member, not at my address) and after it was placed I couldn't see any free slots.

3-4 days after it was delivered I was able to see new slots but only for a few days ahead ( ie not weeks in advance.)

I'm really confused and am trying to plan as my DH is in the higher risk group (but not very high so no concessions) and one adult DC is a key worker so I'm trying to help them by getting them a delivery.

I am really just wanting to know if there is any pattern to how they release slots for someone like me with a mid week pass, or if I'm with Jo Bloggs and bottom of the pile.

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NoggintheNogs Sat 25-Apr-20 17:15:07

I think if you can access the site outside of the general slot release times (6 to 8pm I think, but might have changed) you have one of the levels of priority acces.

I can get into the site to the calendar - only 3 days at any one time.

At the moment they are all booked but it's only 2 days since my delivery.

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YorkshirePuddingsGreatestFan Sat 25-Apr-20 17:35:05

I can't get a slot at all.

They have confirmed I am on the government extremely vulnerable list, I have an anytime smartpass and I've had an order delivered every weekend since they started delivering here.

Unfortunately I don't spend enough (approx £50 a week) so I've been told I'm not a "most loyalist customer" and they advised me to either find another supermarket or look for a volunteer to do my shopping for me.

PaquitaVariation Sat 25-Apr-20 17:56:07

I can get one slot a week but I can only book four days ahead of that slot, so I book on a Friday for the following Monday.

AuntImmortelle Sat 25-Apr-20 17:56:15

Not entirely about the OP but I'm not sure why some are persisting with Ocado. Honestly, for a food delivery company, they have have been all over the place during the pandemic.

I gave up on Ocado a few years back when I realised I could get the exact same service from Waitrose for free. Rather than the (at the time) £80+ per year for smart pass or whatever it was. Ocado wanted to increase the smart pass cost and were so unhelpful when I called them as I had literally used them from when they were a tiny new company in around 2001.

Anyway. Although I receive emails from them I'm no way near being considered a loyal customer.

However I've managed a Waitrose delivery or click and collect every week since February. No special email telling me I'm on the Chosen One list. Just easy access and slot availability. Go figure.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Sat 25-Apr-20 18:03:28

Waitrose won’t let me order as I’m not on the vulnerable list. I’ve been with Ocado for years and apart from the issues when this all kicked off, I’ve been able to get delivery slots which I’ve been sharing with my uncle

user34254356 Sat 25-Apr-20 18:05:20

Useful to know waitrose are still delivering

LoudBatPerson Sat 25-Apr-20 19:36:31

When you say get to the calendar are you clicking just book a slot? That will only show the next few days.

If you click the little calendar icon after clicking to book a slot you should open a bigger calendar and be able to to see the rest of April and go forward to the end of May using the arrow. Any days with slots you can book will be highlighted in white.

Sorry if that's what you are doing already, I wasn't sure and this if they you may be missing some slots if you were not aware.

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