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Council are classing the £20 from the Government as income for housing benefit

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Sophiasky Sat 25-Apr-20 10:49:19

Further to my last post of 15th April, I will be getting the extra £20 a week from next week for Working Tax Credits. I was told by Housing Benefit a few weeks ago, that they had been told to ignore it as income. This morning, I have just received a letter from Housing Benefit saying that due to my tax credits increasing, I have now been overpaid (I pay most of my housing benefit but get some help) £34.60. They are also reducing my housing benefit entitlement by just under £20 a week, as obviously, they have included the £20 from the Government as income - so basically, nearly all of the £20 has to be paid to the council, when I was told previously that they had been told to ignore it. I will call them on Monday morning to discuss this, but has this happened to anybody else now? Thank you.

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Sophiasky Sat 25-Apr-20 11:11:25

I think they have just calculated it wrong, as I have read this as well:-

The basic amount of WTC was increased by £20 a week from 6 April 2020.

To take into account the above WTC increase, from 6 April 2020, the Housing Benefit disregard of WTC is increased from £17.10 to £37.10 a week.

This should be applied automatically by the local authority.

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AMomHasNoName Wed 29-Apr-20 18:29:50

I recieved my HB letter today and they have taken into consideration the WTC increase and haven't deducted it. I checked they have the right amount. So maybe they have calculated yours wrong. Can you sign in online to check?

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