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Pregnant ladies are you still going shopping

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maria860 Fri 24-Apr-20 19:42:37

Hi I'm not doing my own shopping I've popped the corner shops and been so lucky with delivery's so far but half of it is usually missing but I make do.
I want to go shopping myself is it worth the risk I'm 20 weeks gone and want to get cake stuff and lamb for dinner and stuff like that what doesn't come with my shop.
Is it safe ? I've been the corner shop and feel anxious I feel people come close to you and things I try to keep my distance but it's hard.
What's your thoughts ?

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Floatyboat Fri 24-Apr-20 19:47:19

I find this quite insensitive. Lots of pregnant women are still working. Either because of financial need, contractual obligation, or they feel a duty to help others. And here you are treating going food shopping as a dramatic risk.

Elouera Fri 24-Apr-20 19:49:18

I have been- sometimes OH goes into the shop, sometimes me. I've managed to get 2 home deliveries in the past 6 weeks, so its usually only bread, milk or quick items we need to get. Early on we needed to do a larger shop and I didn't like the amount of people in the shop. We separated, and each got a list of items, then met up- avoiding being in there any longer than needed.

LittleBoyJuly2020 Fri 24-Apr-20 19:55:15

I've been able to get a few deliveries but when we haven't, my partner has gone shopping.

I'm due middle of July and I'm not planning on going anywhere before the birth (or after if it's no better).

Ethellsmum Fri 24-Apr-20 19:57:07

I’m 27 weeks and pop to the shops once a week - usually the local coop but the other day I went to Tesco about 7pm when it was really quiet. I’m maintaining social distancing at all times.
I asked a similar question on a Facebook page and I’m definitely in the minority - majority are sending their partners.
Now I’m approaching 28 weeks I will be trying to avoid going at all.

Princesspickle777 Fri 24-Apr-20 20:00:07

No I’m 38 weeks and I’ve hardly been leaving the house unless
it’s to go for a short walk down the road with DD or to see the midwife. I haven’t stepped foot in a shop since 2 weeks before lockdown and started to self isolate the week before lockdown was declared. It’s just not worth the risk. We’ve been lucky to get regular delivery slots and family have occasionally drops bits off for us. DP is still working but we’re sleeping separately and he’s showering and changing as soon as he comes home.

Chanel05 Fri 24-Apr-20 20:03:05

I haven't been shopping since before lockdown. I'm very lucky and have a recurring food delivery slot so whatever doesn't come, I don't have (obviously if it was desperate I'd need to).

libdan450 Fri 24-Apr-20 20:07:32

I'm 28 weeks due in July and I've been going and doing my food shopping once a week and have been fine people tend to just stay out your way , although if I had the choice I wouldn't be going out if I could help it but I'm a single parent and trying to get a delivery slot has been near impossible. Luckily my mum will be doing my food shopping from now on so I won't have to. It's not as bad as you think though.

Ginfilledcats Fri 24-Apr-20 20:09:02

If you're 20 weeks along you're perfectly safe and able to go out unless you have a compromising condition too. Just be sensible like everyone has to and wash hands don't touch face etc

Ethellsmum Fri 24-Apr-20 20:09:14

I felt much safer going to Tesco this week than I did the last time I went - 5 weeks or so before lockdown when everyone was panic buying etc.

CleverQuacks Fri 24-Apr-20 20:13:47

I am 20 weeks and my dad has been doing my shopping. I have popped into the corner shop twice to get milk and bread but wouldn’t want to do a big shop. I plan to be as isolated as possible until the baby arrives.

GinUnicorn Fri 24-Apr-20 20:15:59

I have to. No car, no online delivery slots.

I pop in after midwife appointments generally as I have to walk there anyway. Try not to carry too much as I’m 37 weeks now and knackered

SpudsAreLife84 Fri 24-Apr-20 20:16:36

I agree @Floatyboat. Pregnant women all over the country are still working, of course you can go to a supermarket confused

otterturk Fri 24-Apr-20 20:18:48

16 weeks and yeah I go out regularly.

@Floatyboat that's a bit off, to put it very nicely

avocadont Fri 24-Apr-20 20:19:28

I'm almost exactly the same as Princesspickle777, except my partner isn't working either. We don't personally go shopping as I'm very very fortunate that my mother grabs my click and collect for me (can't get slots for delivery and I don't drive either), if we didn't have my mother doing this then I would probably be going to the shops more but definitely being careful. I'm 38 weeks now anyway so it would be the worst point imo for me to get it, not for myself necessarily but the midwives and my newborn. It would also mean that my partner wouldn't be able to be my birthing partner so, yeah, we're trying not to risk it.

pollysproggle Fri 24-Apr-20 20:19:57

32 weeks and my husband does all the big shops. We had one delivery at the beginning of April which was booked 2 weeks in advance and haven't tried to get another.
There is a very quiet Tesco express near where I walk with the children and popped in a few times to get them an ice lolly but that's it.

MooChops89 Fri 24-Apr-20 20:23:30

30 weeks and still doing a weekly shop. I tend to go about an hour before closing, its quiet and the shelves are well stocked. I'm also still working (NHS midwife) however not patient facing

JasonPollack Fri 24-Apr-20 20:34:02

37 weeks here and no. Getting everything delivered, only leaving the house for mw and very early morning walks. Not worth the risk I don't think.

Floaty yes I feel very sorry for those women who have to work still but I don't see how not talking about our own health precautions will help them? There are plenty of threads on Mumsnet go be snidey elsewhere.

YorkshirePud1 Fri 24-Apr-20 20:37:09

My husband's been doing all our shopping. I'm close to my due date now and though I'm not overly worried about going to the shops, we just thought it's sightlier less risky for him to go. It probably isn't realistically, seeing as we're living together anyway, but he offered and we're both working from home, so why not. I've only really been out for midwife and hospital appointments.

nervousnelly8 Fri 24-Apr-20 20:44:28

I'm 8-9 weeks and haven't been shopping since I found out. Just seems like the right thing to do given the unknowns around the impact of the virus on early pregnancy. I'm still going out for walks though.

KatnissMellark Fri 24-Apr-20 20:46:14

No, because I have asthma and an autoimmune condition, as well as this being a risky pregnancy. Nearly 34 weeks and DH is now also being super careful in order to avoid picking up any symptoms and having to miss the birth.

@Floatyboat of course there are women who can't socially distance as effectively as others, but the guidance is there for a reason. If people choose to follow it by taking social distancing as seriously as possible, that can only mean less pressure on the NHS and be a good thing, surely? hmm

Raaaa Fri 24-Apr-20 20:50:54

Yes I am, I'm 18 weeks and I'm not going to get in the habit of being scared of going to the shops

lauryloo Fri 24-Apr-20 20:52:17

37 weeks and I've been out once to sainsbury's

Hubby doing it all so far, but I. Am heating to asda tomorrow as I need a few last things for my hospital bag.

Fantasiaa Fri 24-Apr-20 20:54:00

Eye fucking roll

MostlyAmbridgeandcoffee Fri 24-Apr-20 20:57:51

No but I would if I had to

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