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The virus apparently can’t go sideways

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FatKate Fri 24-Apr-20 16:44:45

Last couple of times in shops and today in chemist everyone is queuing, keeping a distance, then no one has any qualms about overtaking in aisles 🤦🏻‍♀️

These are small shops like Tesco express and sainsburies local (am in a city centre) so the aisles aren’t wide enough. Today the guy at the front of the queue in Superdrug wearing a face mask pushed back past the whole distanced queue at the till to go and get something else from the shelves , and then back again to the till virtually barging people from behind with his shoulder (he could have gone past the till and looped round via the front of the store, no need to go back the way he had queued).
So frustrating and annoying. A lot of these people are wearing gloves and masks! I wait patiently if someone is blocking an aisle while choosing something and if someone comes towards me I “reverse” to a passing spot. If I’m quick enough, otherwise they keep coming!

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notsureneversure Fri 24-Apr-20 16:46:48

This is why gloves and masks are often not a good thing. They give people a false sense of security that makes them take risks they wouldn’t otherwise take.

Ohffs66 Fri 24-Apr-20 16:50:57

The 'technique' that annoys me is the'I'll just run past you really quickly, sort of crouching down and looking apologetic, possible mouthing sorry'.

Yes Susan that will definitely stop us both getting it. You could just, ya know, go back the way you came, wait until I've moved, or even ask me to move if you need to get past me. All of those would be preferable to your weird crouching down run way too close to me.

Realitea Fri 24-Apr-20 16:58:11

I had this a lot today. I had to go to the chemist and shop and noticed a lot of people just not bothering and walking alongside the queue etc, including staff
Also on the pavement.. a lot of times I had to go in the road if possible as no one was bothering to avoid each other in the pavement

Elouera Fri 24-Apr-20 16:58:31

I go first thing, as soon as the shop opens. Generally they are still stocking shelves then. What annoys me, is the stackers put their enormous, metal cage in the middle of the aisle- not to one side. I can't walk around the cage on the stackers side, and there is very little space on the other side. Some people meander along, oblivious to the fact I'm waiting on this side of the cage for them to pass through. The stackers are also all close together, chatting away and also oblivious- cutting across the aisle and keeping no distance from anyone at all.

I understand the shelves need stacking, but surely with the reduced hours the supermarkets are open, this could be done an hour or so BEFORE they open to the public?

The80sweregreat Fri 24-Apr-20 17:00:24

Shopping is a nightmare.
I dread it

Notredamn Fri 24-Apr-20 17:02:03

My nearest supermarket is in town so I was in the town centre today, keeping well apart from everyone, only to have groups of people coming up from behind, brushing against me as they walked past and thinking nothing of it confused why not just walk right round?! There was loads of room, it wasn't very busy.

OhLook Fri 24-Apr-20 17:03:47

It's the same with cyclists who think they can do past you with inches to spare. As long as they're on the road and your on the pavement it's fine, in their minds.

florriepeck Fri 24-Apr-20 17:10:28

Food shopping is an ordeal.
I keep saying that I'm going to stop going to my usual Asda, as the queue for the checkout snakes down the aisles, so there's no avoiding being too close to people when you want to get items from the shelves next to where they're standing.
I'd try another supermarket: any tips for which ones seem to get it right?

TheLastSaola Fri 24-Apr-20 17:13:07

Time is a factor in transmission as well as distance.

When queuing you are in proximity for much longer, so the distance is much more important.

PippaPegg Fri 24-Apr-20 17:14:57

It's impossible in a small shop though. That's why they are supposed to restrict the number of people allowed in at once. Our post office allows 2 people. Corner shop 3.

Clearly your shop is allowing too many people at once.

FatKate Fri 24-Apr-20 17:16:17

The shops are restricted entry. Hardly anyone in them. Maybe 6 people tops in Superdrug today ? People just don’t want to wait for someone in an already occupied aisle to move and can’t be bothered go round another way.

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Newdadtogirl Fri 24-Apr-20 17:20:05

Shopping is quite scary recently, did you see the animation with someone coughing in a supermarket aisle?
People have no idea how far 2m is, or more likely just don't care!
Honestly though, it doesn't matter if people are 2m away, the infected who cough or sneeze, even talking, releases thousands of virus particles into the air. These particles remain viable for hours and can be carried on the air (although not airborne!). Most research suggests that virus particles can travel at least 8m away from source, just with the force of a sneeze or cough.
So if someone is under 8m away from you, then you are in the infection zone anyway. It means that whole aisles in supermarkets and whole shops if smaller are literally full of virus!
I always wear a decent FFP2 or FFP3 respirator when entering shops, its the only possible defense (homemade masks are pretty useless). Wash your hands too when leaving, wear something you can take off and bag (virus lives on clothes too). Shopping is pretty much a minefield!
I do wonder why govt say 2m when the virus can travel much further?
(all facts easily googlable to confirm if you want!)

Unworthie Fri 24-Apr-20 17:22:23

Yep, local shop the only one I can get to is small. They've rigged the door so it only opens from the inside and so when someone comes out, you go in. People queuing 2m apart outside breezing past you in the shop, not waiting if someone is getting something from a shelf.

This also applies to the pavements too. We've got some narrow ones, which aren't even 2m wide, and then some that are, with a massive grass verge at the side - plenty of room you'd think!
Nope, people just keep coming, side by side, don't move into single file, don't stop and wait even if I do because I can't step into the road with traffic coming at that moment. I'm constantly stepping into the road, even when I'm not facing the oncoming traffic. It would make more sense if the people facing the traffic, and therefore could see if it's clear, stepped into the traffic. Not the person with their back to it. I don't particularly want to get flattened.

Newdadtogirl Fri 24-Apr-20 17:25:53

Tesco in Ammanford South Wales is great. Go at 2100, they close at 2200. Only myself and staff are there. I wear a decent correct mask, as the air is possibly thick with virus after a day of people shopping. Otherwise its as good as can be!

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Fri 24-Apr-20 17:29:34

@TheLastSaola is right - it’s about proximity and time.

Walking briskly past someone should be pretty low risk, but if you are queuing for a while, you do need to keep the 2m distance because you are going to be near each other for much longer.

Fluffiest Fri 24-Apr-20 17:33:17

I've had to pass people in the aisle at the supermarket. I've tried to wait for them to move but then someone else appears or I create a backlog of people behind me, which means more crowding.

I keep my distance as much as I can and turn my face away from people. Even if you cant keep 2m apart throughout a weekly shop you have still massively reduced your chances of catching/spreading it if you follow all other guidelines.

ChippityDoDa Fri 24-Apr-20 17:33:20

Oh FGS! You aren’t going to get bloody coronavirus from someone quickly passing you (without touching you) on a typically sized supermarket aisle unless they are coughing/sneezing. I went to M&S on Saturday morning, where they were doing a great job with sanitising etc. There was one woman who was making a big scene about people walking past her, arguing with people who dared to walk within about 4 metres of her and generally making everyone very anxious. I have training in mental health and I was very concerned about the levels on anxiety. I tried to have a conversation with her from a distance but she looked at me like I was about to blow up the supermarket. People are taking this too far.

Imboredinthehouse Fri 24-Apr-20 17:33:44

Yep Aldi the other day, fully expected one way aisles which would be ridiculously easy in my local store set up. There were all the lines on the floor saying wait here or keep this distance apart then people were moving in the opposite direction & straigh past you. I doubt me turning my head and holding my breath any difference at all.

Lougle Fri 24-Apr-20 17:33:47

I met someone I know today and they definitely didn't know what 2 metres is. I backed away subtly, but then I was stopped by the shelving.

Also, when queuing to get into the shop, shoppers who have finished walk in between one person and the next in the queue without a care, as if having shopping with you makes you immune!

TheSkyWasDark Fri 24-Apr-20 17:36:17

I have to say I agree with @ChippityDoDa. Unless someone directly coughs or sneezes on you, I'd say you're fine walking past someone. It's not going to jump out of their body and attack you.

yerawizadari Fri 24-Apr-20 17:37:34

The people who frustrate me are the browsers. Ok, so you want some fresh herbs, but do you have to stand there blocking the aisle for five minutes while you dither endlessly about which one to get? Especially when you know full well that people are standing there like lemons waiting for you to get a bloody move on.

PonderTweek Fri 24-Apr-20 17:39:34

I don't go anywhere ever, but today I absolutely had to post an important letter so I went to the post office. The post office itself was fine but getting there and back was a nightmare as the streets were packed full of people cycling, scooting, jogging, walking with ice lollies, walking in crowds, drinking wine on benches etc. Every green bit was full of people sunbathing too. confused I walked past the pharmacy queue and a chap decided to start clearing his throat and it freaked me out. sad A lot of people were adhering to the 2m rule, but also a lot of people didn't, which pisses me off.

I'm just not going to go anywhere from now on. That's what we're supposed to do anyway...

bananaskinsnomnom Fri 24-Apr-20 17:39:39

My local supermarket has flat lines across the aisle 2 meters apart, but the thing is there is no one way system. So last time I was there, I was in one square, person on my left clearly wanted to come into mine, and so did the person on my right! So where do I go? I had to go to the other side and just go sideways on because no one was going to move. Similar thing happened multiple times.

Plus the queues, yes there were circles to stand on but these go up the aisles. So if you wanted something on the till end you would be sharing the space with someone queuing, which never used to be the case.

So either you have to have a one way circle system of up and down (so literally everyone shuffling along one 2 meter square at a time up and down each aisle) or they need to reduce people inside even more.

Guylan Fri 24-Apr-20 17:41:33

Today the guy at the front of the queue in Superdrug wearing a face mask pushed back..

I hear the argument wearing a mask can give some people a false sense of security, but I would also note if he was wearing a mask he would have reduced - not eliminated - the chance of transmitting to others as face masks will stop the droplets from his breath travelling far and any droplets that aren’t trapped by the mask will fall directly around him.

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