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Especially for mumsnet - Zoflora Warning!

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Bishybarnybee Fri 24-Apr-20 15:37:49

I know we've already discussed Dettol - but I feel I have to add this for all the mumsnet Zoflora fans

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vera99 Fri 24-Apr-20 15:40:09

Guerilla marketeers are loving this - this may even be one !

Bishybarnybee Fri 24-Apr-20 15:46:48

Nope, just a nostalgic zoflora child who was delighted to find it was a bit of a mumsnet fetish.

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Rosehip10 Fri 24-Apr-20 15:51:28

Hi Mrs Hinch.

HollysBush Fri 24-Apr-20 15:51:55


WatcherintheRye Fri 24-Apr-20 16:02:15

Omg. Can Trump become any more unhinged? He's thick as mud, and completely deranged. Not a good combo for Potus.

A timely warning nonetheless, Bishy, for Mumsnet Zoflira addicts who might be tempted to mainline the stuff grin

Pelleas Fri 24-Apr-20 16:27:23

Every time I think Trump can't get any worse, he sinks to a new low.

It's actually quite frightening that someone so deranged can hold so much power - it's like the period in the 80s when Ronnie Reagan had lost his marbles yet had his finger on the nuke button. We laughed about it with Spitting Image creating his brain as a separate entity that had gone walkabout, but it wasn't really funny.

LabStaff Fri 24-Apr-20 17:53:53

I bought Zoflora this week, largely because of MN. It smells awful (it's the lemon one) - is it just me?

Abraid2 Sat 25-Apr-20 11:37:32

If I'm injecting or imbibing detergent I'm going for Method or Waitrose--no vulgar Zoflora for me. If I'm poisoning myself, I'm not going down -own brand labelled Mrs Hinch.

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