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Anyone with plumbing knowledge?? Urgent advice needed!!

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owlstwooting Fri 24-Apr-20 05:42:09

So my downstairs neighbours came up last night said they have water coming through their bathroom ceiling.

I checked under bath panel, nothing, but under bathroom sink is wet all round under flooring. Think it's due to me having a blocked bath tub plug the other day and using a plunger forcefully (bath is right beside sink), it seemed to clear at first but then block again and that's when they got the water coming through.

I can't get a plumber yet due to the circumstances. I've tried, landlord tried and will keep trying.

We need water to cook and drink and wash!! but don't want to flood them further in the meantime. Don't have any basins or big pans unfortunately (just had a big clearout), and don't know how long it's going to be til landlord gets a plumber.

My question is -

Is it still ok to use my kitchen sink in the meantime whilst waiting on plumber?? and toilet?? Or will that flood them more??

Please help

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Aquamarine1029 Fri 24-Apr-20 05:46:04

This is your landlord's responsibility. Call them constantly until they get it fixed.

owlstwooting Fri 24-Apr-20 05:48:53

I know it's their responsibility. They are a decent landlord always have been. I know they are finding it difficult to find a plumber to come out, because I tried to and can't.

We need to drink and cook and wash in the meantime though

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Honeybee85 Fri 24-Apr-20 05:49:49

Maybe a weird idea but can you flush toilet and then ask neighbour if water is leaking.
After that let water run through bathroom sink, after that the kitchen sink etc. One by one use all water points in your home and let neighbour check which one causes leaking.

Perhaps this can identify the source of the leaking so you know what is safe to use.
Good luck!

owlstwooting Fri 24-Apr-20 05:52:36

Thanks Honeybee85 I'll try that. I think it may have been gathering though. I suspect from looking it's the pipe that joins from the bath drainage to sink/main drainage pipe.

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Honeybee85 Fri 24-Apr-20 08:57:16

I hope it's an easy solveable issue.
In my old appartment there was an issue where one of the plumbers/builders had not assembled two connecting pipes properly so when we moved in and started using our washing machine a leak started from there in the wall. The whole wall got filled with water, then it went under our flooring and we only discovered it after our downstaird neighbours complained about leaking. The whole flooring had to be removed from our entire appartment and the concrete had to dry for months until we had to take all the furniture out again and lay a whole new floor.
Hopefully your case is easier and this shit story has made you feel a bit better as things could always be worse grin

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