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I'm bragging about my son here

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StillMedusa Thu 23-Apr-20 23:39:12

This friday it will be four years since Asda took a chance and gave my DS2 a job.
He's a 22 yr old with autism and mild learning disabilities.
Over the four years they have given him support when he needed it, and in return they have discovered that employees with autism/lds can make the best, most reliable, most helpful and least likely to take time off employees ever.
The last few weeks have been tough, and he has been in the frontline every day, dealing with stressed and anxious customers, and quite a few assholes, frankly.
He is anxious (also has OCD ) and his obsession with the stats, the dates ,his huge worries about all the stores across the world dominate his thoughts (he is obsessed with supermarkets grin)

But he does his job, he does it to the very best of his ability and I am so proud of him. He faces infection every day. And he still just gets on with it.
He is a real star. As are the legions of lowly considered lowly paid supermarket workers who have dealt with loo roll fiascos, customers who refuse to keep their distance and many others.

Two of my other kids are directly covid 19 frontline ..a doctor and a nurse, but my DS2 has overcome the statistics just to be employed as a disabled person, and not once has he moaned about doing extra hours or the amount of hassle he has endured.
I'm proud of him.

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MumGoneCrazy Thu 23-Apr-20 23:43:09

Aww that made my heart warm grin
You have every right to be proud and brag about your DS, congratulations on raising such a wonderful beautiful person flowers

MumGoneCrazy Thu 23-Apr-20 23:47:45

I'm a furloughed non essential retail assistant and the only reason I'm happy about it is because if I had to deal with some of the dicks I've seen and heard about while shopping I'd of been fired by now 😂 I have nothing but praise for anyone with the patience not to punch them blushgrin

Punxsutawney Thu 23-Apr-20 23:49:30

You must be very proud of him and your other children too. All very important key workers.

My Ds is 15 and was diagnosed with ASD last year. He's high functioning but we do worry lots about what the future holds for him. He was meant to be on work experience this week organised by the National Autistic Society.

It's great to hear positive stories! Especially in these difficult times.

OhioOhioOhio Thu 23-Apr-20 23:51:32

Well done!

LovingLola Thu 23-Apr-20 23:51:55

He sounds like an absolute star 🌟
You’re dead right to be proud!!

halfpasteleven Thu 23-Apr-20 23:57:29

OP you should be so proud of your boy- he is every bit the frontline hero. I hope he has a long and happy career in retail.

oncemorewithfeeling99 Fri 24-Apr-20 00:02:51

Lovely 😊 Well done to him!

pallisers Fri 24-Apr-20 00:03:03

This post was the best post of the day (anywhere) for me. well done to your son - you should be so proud of him.

DiscoJanet Fri 24-Apr-20 00:03:09

How brilliant, well done him! This is really heart warming smile You should definitely feel proud of him!

I've got a 13yo ds with ASD. Also smiled a bit in recognition about the stats/dates stuff too. My ds being at home all the time now since schools closed the rest of us have been followed round the house with a constant "did you know..." grin

outnumberedwoman Fri 24-Apr-20 00:04:26

This has made me well up. My 2nd child (4) is currently being assessed for ASD but the current pandemic has seen everything stop with clinic appointments cancelled etc. Sometimes especially at night my mind goes into overdrive worrying what the future holds. It is wonderful to hear of someone with ASD in employment and thriving. I dont know your son but i am proud of him too. The complete change to our way of life and routines is difficult for many to cope with but he has risen above the challenges and deserves thanks and praise and admiration for doing so. I hope he is proud of himself - he should be!

Cherryblossomsnow Fri 24-Apr-20 00:08:23

That's so great. I would be super proud too. What a lovely son you have there and I am sure there are many customers that will be seeing him for the good person that he is.

Holothane Fri 24-Apr-20 00:10:22

Brilliant so glad he’s happy as well in his job delighted for him and you.

ToffeeYoghurt Fri 24-Apr-20 00:14:19

He sounds lovely. You should definitely be proud of him. I'm very grateful to all the frontline staff like your son.

yogz1976 Fri 24-Apr-20 00:17:04

Congratulations! Sounds like you have raised 3 wonderful and amazing children :O)

angelikacpickles Fri 24-Apr-20 00:20:48

Well done to you and your son.

StillMedusa Fri 24-Apr-20 00:20:54

outnumberedwoman My boy was non verbal til he was 5.. special school all the way, no gcses or anything like that... he was always gentle and passive and happy lining up his pencils and obsessed with Shania Twain from age 3 (took him to see her in concert last year...OMG he nearly exploded with excitement!)

If you'd told me, when he was 4, that he would ever had a job..I would have laughed..and sobbed and not believed it. I never thought he would talk!
But, our children can suprise us. He is autistic to his core, he will never live independently and I have to shave him, cut his nails, he has no daily living skills... BUT he is polite and loves everyone and mencap supported him into his job..and he has become a perfect employee as once he learns a task he performs it exactly...never slacks. (he never fails the challenge 25 test grin) And he is genuinely loved in store... he was employee of the year ..because he adores his job and is so happy to see his customers . I have to say that Asda have been amazing with him too..they really do support people with disabilties.
There is hope smile

(he also drives me nuts with his obsessions and repetitive conversations but hey ho, you learn to live with it...)

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Pieceofpurplesky Fri 24-Apr-20 00:24:39

OP no only is your son amazing but you are too. Your story has made me really happy

MessInABottle Fri 24-Apr-20 00:26:05

Ah such a wonderful post to read. Well done to him and you flowers

bluebell34567 Fri 24-Apr-20 00:27:14

well done. so happy for you.

Poppybeaumydarlinggirl Fri 24-Apr-20 00:37:28

Amazing it made me cry a little!! I’m glad you shared that with us. Sending love to your family flowers

Simonfromharlow Fri 24-Apr-20 00:42:55


OmartheGoose Fri 24-Apr-20 00:48:07

What a wonderful post to read. I can understand why you're so proud of your son. Massive respect to him for coping with his anxiety and doing his job so well.starcakebrew

MrsNettle Fri 24-Apr-20 00:50:22

Oh, I have nothing else to add but you got me welled up with your beautiful post. Thank you for sharing such positive news. You have done well to raise him to be where he is now flowers

DonLewis Fri 24-Apr-20 00:50:46

Hey, I think I remember you posting when he got the job. 4 years now? Wow. Glad to hear he's flourished.

And say thank you to him from me for keeping on, keeping on. smile

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