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Social distancing is basically quitting an addiction

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Eatseverything88 Thu 23-Apr-20 23:02:01

I have fell off the wagon. Ive failed and been to see people. 5 weeks I've not seen anyone and finally fell off the wagon. I dont understand how people are treating this like it should come natural and anyone breaking the rules are the devil. This is anything but natural. The rules are shit. It is driving me crazy now. People are fine to queue at b and q or tesco mixing with strangers but are not allowed to see close family.

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PickAChew Thu 23-Apr-20 23:06:02

It depends where you are coming from. I'm broader autism phenotype and enjoying the lack of space invaders and people demanding my life story.

Splitsunrise Thu 23-Apr-20 23:07:57

Well no it’s not basically an addiction, and if that’s actually what you think you probably don’t have an accurate grasp of what addiction is!

It is shit, but it does make sense. Keep going and don’t risk other people’s lives because you’re fed up of it.

RoscoePColtrane Thu 23-Apr-20 23:11:16

Hmm. Are you unable to use a phone or face time? I appreciate that if you have additional needs this may be difficult.

RonaSmoana Thu 23-Apr-20 23:11:14

I fell off the wagon on Monday and went to Costco with a friend. I don't drive so he gave me a lift and we walked around together.

Then tonight I took my kids to the park. There was a little group of teenagers sharing a bottle of something and my kids played on the swings and climbed and laughed.

And it was amazing. Both of those things were amazing. I hugged my friend who I haven't seen in almost 2 months. That's the first physical adult contact I've had. My kids have actually PLAYED for the first time in 6/7 weeks. We live in a flat with laminate flooring above neighbours and no garden, so they've been plonked in front of ipads while I try to work full time.

I'm kinda passed caring to be honest.

Eatseverything88 Thu 23-Apr-20 23:17:05

Yes I am able to use facetime. However I am definately addicted to human contact. I never realised this. All my life I though I was an introvert until now. I need people.

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BatsEars Thu 23-Apr-20 23:19:34


justasking111 Thu 23-Apr-20 23:22:42

It is getting harder and harder, I am not bothered about friends, but not seeing family is getting really difficult now.

Eatseverything88 Thu 23-Apr-20 23:29:15

Yes coping without friends too tbh even though I miss them terribly. But family my nieces nephews sisters mum and dad. I dont think I can keep this going and now I have cracked I think its only going to lead to doing it again

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Punxsutawney Thu 23-Apr-20 23:29:16

Ds is 15 and autistic. He thinks lockdown is very normal. Apart from attending school
(which he hated) life has not particularly changed for him. The most difficult thing will be trying to get him back to education.

There are many children and adults out there that lived a very isolated life before lockdown (not always by choice) and will continue to do so when life finally returns to normal for everyone else.

Chocolatecakeandpinkcustard Thu 23-Apr-20 23:29:57

You're not exactly mixing with strangers at the shops though are you?

You're supposed to be keeping apart and you're supposed to be only going for essentials infrequently.

Chocolatecakeandpinkcustard Thu 23-Apr-20 23:32:42

I can't honestly say I'm really missing anyone that much. I speak to my family on the phone everyday just as I always have and I keep in touch with friends and colleagues.

I'm missing watching my children enjoy themselves, I'd bloody love to see them jump in a swimming pool or play a proper game of football with kids their age.

IDSNeighbour Thu 23-Apr-20 23:33:13

Human contact isn't an addiction, it's a basic human need. Constant solitude is very hard because we're not made for it.

I'd say I'm an introvert with social anxiety but I still need to see people sometimes. I've been alone for nearly 5 weeks now and I'm really, really not ok.

But it's temporary. And we have no choice but to live with it. I don't think there is the same almost involuntary response to 'fall off the wagon' that there would be with something physically or psychologically addictive.

CrocodileFondue Thu 23-Apr-20 23:35:41

I don't miss anyone at all, quite the opposite. I'm trapped with DS and DH constantly and it's driving me mad.

I feel bad for my parents who miss seeing DS in person and I think it's very bad for him to have no social interaction but I'm loving not having to bother with other people if I'm honest!

BenjiB Thu 23-Apr-20 23:46:09

Of course you can see close family if you can walk to their houses and stand outside and talk to them. I’ve had people I know walk past my house and I’ve come out to chat to them. No one has said you cannot see close family it’s just how you go about doing that. My daughter was missing her friend today so on their daily walk her and her mum walked past our house and we chatted at a safe distance on the driveway. Our neighbours grandchildren walk to their house every day and stand outside and talk to their grandparents at a safe distance.

midwesteaster Fri 24-Apr-20 00:26:56

I thought about going to see a dc I support, not coming into close contact but maybe leaving a gift.
Then I thought how would I feel if I've picked up the virus the last time I went shopping and passed it onto her carer who is more vulnerable than I am.
I'd feel rubbish about that because I care for these people. I wouldn't be meeting with them for them, just for me.
So it can wait.

DippyAvocado Fri 24-Apr-20 00:38:47

I'm not missing socialising at all. Lockdown has made me realise I am really not a sociable person! I am lucky to be with my husband and DC at home though. I come from a small family and live far from my DPs so I'm used to not seeing them very often. I also am in work once a week and see 2 or 3 colleagues then. It must be very hard for people who live alone.

Waxonwaxoff0 Fri 24-Apr-20 06:30:34

It depends on your personality surely. I'm very extroverted and social so I'm finding it incredibly hard. I thrive when I'm around other people and being home day after day is really getting me down. I have DS though so I have at least one person around. But for someone who doesn't like socialising it's probably a lot easier.

SnuggyBuggy Fri 24-Apr-20 06:35:34

I get this. I've always considered myself an introvert, I definitely get sick of too much company and need some down time but this is too much. Not knowing when I'm next going to see family and friends is depressing.

Peppafrig Fri 24-Apr-20 06:38:01

No I will stick to the rules to protect the NHS and those that don't shouldn't use the service when they catch covid19 from their own stupidity and selfishness.

userxx Fri 24-Apr-20 06:40:24

@Peppafrig What will you do after lockdown finishes? We will all be out and about in the next 3 weeks and the virus will still very much be around.

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Fri 24-Apr-20 06:41:28

I'm not finding it that hard but I have my husband and adult son here and we all get on well. My parents are 400 miles away so I don't know when I might see them next. We speak regularly but because of the distance we don't meet in person that often anyway. The worst is my adult daughter lives elsewhere. It's not far but no hugs for a while. sad

Peppafrig Fri 24-Apr-20 06:41:39

@userxx I will go out as the NHS will not be under strain like it is now . They wouldn't release lockdown until that is the case .

hopefulhalf Fri 24-Apr-20 06:50:04

Peppafrig What will you do after lockdown finishes? We will all be out and about in the next 3 weeks
I really don't think this will happen, this is the new normal.

userxx Fri 24-Apr-20 06:57:10

@Peppafrig There was a thread the other day with nurses saying the hospitals they work in are very quiet at the moment. It was interesting and a far cry from what the media is portraying. The economy is goosed, the government know this and will end lockdown soon.

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