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Are people forgetting we are still in lockdown?

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Scousebird26 Thu 23-Apr-20 22:15:40

Hi all!
Hope everyone is safe and well!

I don’t know if this is the same for anyone else, but I took my dog for a quick walk over the field today and it was just full of people enjoying the sun - I totally understand going for your daily excercise, but there was families having picnics, groups of people playing football, people on the streets talking to each other who deffo weren’t social distancing! It was like just an ordinary day!

I totally appreciate people are getting fed up, me included and there are many of times I’ve just thought fuck it, il go and visit family/friends but I haven’t. I don’t want to make this whole thing worse.

Is this the same in other home towns or has mine just forgot the situation we are all in?!

mayoral Thu 23-Apr-20 22:18:48

The park was definitely busier today, people exercising in groups, sunbathing etc., and I noticed loads more cars on the roads.

People are getting fed up and don't want to be locked in their homes any longer. They have bills to pay and want to get back to work.

I'm the same as you though OP. I'm very much still staying home (only going out to take DC and ddog for a daily walk) and DH WFH.

Excited101 Thu 23-Apr-20 22:21:20

The roads have been busier today, workmen back apparently. I think you’re exactly right, the novelty and the shock have worn off for people.

justanotherneighinparadise Thu 23-Apr-20 22:24:05

We don’t go out but I see everyone else going out around us.

pilates Thu 23-Apr-20 22:24:25

Yes I’ve noticed more traffic on the roads

GreenTulips Thu 23-Apr-20 22:25:52

Yes, definitely.

StrawberryBlondeStar Thu 23-Apr-20 22:27:01

Roads more busy. I also have a couple of friends, who were most in favour of lockdown - pulled their kids out of school before closure - and now going to visit family, “but it’s ok as they have been isolating as well hmm”.

SpicedCamomile Thu 23-Apr-20 22:27:10

Yeah, I cycled past a pub that faces on to a river today and although it was shut every wooden outdoors table was occupied with people drinking and chatting - they had even brought their own pint glasses!

Millicent10 Thu 23-Apr-20 22:28:30

A lot of people were sat on benches and on the grass in my local park this week. Tbh I know it is against ‘the rules’, but why is sitting in a park over 2m away from anyone else a danger (I am not doing it but I can’t get excited about others breaking this rule).

LilacTree1 Thu 23-Apr-20 22:28:56

Strawberry to be fair, we’re probably least risk to anyone after a month of isolation, less so than when we return to work.

No, OP, no one has forgotten but I hope they are seeing the stupidity of it.

ladybird69 Thu 23-Apr-20 22:31:29

Yes definitely. I went out 2 weeks ago and the roads were empty then went out yesterday and they were a lot busier. And my neighbours have all had visitors and one is having a bbq and I can hear lots of children running around!!! Idiots.

CurtainWitcher Thu 23-Apr-20 22:31:34

I've noticed the same. Selfish idiots everywhere.

JasonPollack Thu 23-Apr-20 22:31:36

I have a medical appointment same time every week. This morning it was noticeably much much busier in the streets and on the roads. Very stressful. I said to DH had lockdown been lifted and noone said!

loobyloo1234 Thu 23-Apr-20 22:31:44

This has to be at least the tenth thread saying this today? FFS

Delatron Thu 23-Apr-20 22:32:59

Roads are busier and our local park which was empty a couple of weeks ago had loads of people there for the last few days and lots were sitting on benches! Or on the grass.

I appreciate I was there but I was running through. Think police aren’t enforcing as much?

WorraLiberty Thu 23-Apr-20 22:33:45

Blimey, I wonder what it is about today because I've really noticed this too.

The park was really busy when I walked the dogs, the roads definitely had more traffic and I can hear a really loud garden party somewhere in my street.

It just seems like everyone's livelier today than they have been for ages.

Rebootingagain Thu 23-Apr-20 22:34:39

Restrictions lifting here tomorrow. I am going fedora a massive drive to the beach and a walk as far as I want and a picnic.

Still need to social distance and can’t mix households but restrictions on non essential travel are gone . Not Uk

Scousebird26 Thu 23-Apr-20 22:35:59

Sorry loobyloo- I hadn’t realised!

With people doing this do you think the government will enforce stricter lockdown measures?

I’m not usually one to get pissed at other people but there is so many people out there dying to see their families and then you get people like this!

Ohffs66 Thu 23-Apr-20 22:36:29

I've noticed this tonight...not been out in a week but went to Tesco earlier and on the way back noticed a few different people out and about having a chat with each other, and then next door behind had visitors in the garden. There were also several couples in Tesco as opposed to just one person shopping. My elderly neighbour has been wearing a mask on his evening stroll every night but tonight he'd taken it off.

It almost feels like people think 'it' is over. That's me indoors for another week thanks!

Scousebird26 Thu 23-Apr-20 22:36:59

@Rebootingagain where abouts do you live?

millymaple Thu 23-Apr-20 22:37:56

My village is dead. Everyone is mostly just staying inside / at home.

Scousebird26 Thu 23-Apr-20 22:38:52

People on my social media, like decorators, handymen etc have all started to work again this week aswell. I honestly thought at one point I must have missed something and it had been relaxed!

bengalcat Thu 23-Apr-20 22:43:23

I felt there was more traffic on my way to work today . It has been gradually increasing all week .
DD took dog to the park and felt it was busy .

Al1Langdownthecleghole Thu 23-Apr-20 22:45:42

Definitely busier today - I went shopping in the middle of the day, just as I did last Thursday and the queue for Sansbury's looked to be about 50 people. Last week it was 6.

user764329056 Thu 23-Apr-20 22:45:52

I think this will increase more and more, today was really warm and I think people subconsciously feel that as we’ve hit the peak, (if indeed we even have) that isolation has served its purpose and we can start drifting back to some sort of normality, I don’t think everyone is going to be so strict on themselves anymore, not saying I am part of this, just my opinion

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