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Can you tell me me your routine tips please!

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FirTree31 Thu 23-Apr-20 20:02:32

I need ideas or tips on how to keep a routine. I am a single parent with two sons aged 5&9 and a 1 year old dog, working from home.
Most mornings we do Joe Wicks, which has sometimes been followed by school work then outdoor play. But work have been coming down quite hard and will stop paying people who are not doing the majority of their role (I work for HEI) so I've been trying to do more.
There is just so much muddling through, some days no school work, some days are completely fraught with arguments and fighting, some days baking, some days no work. I can't get into the swing of it!
Just wondered how other people are structuring their day?!

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BettyBo33 Thu 23-Apr-20 20:14:04

I’m a single parent of 3, plus 1 very bouncy dog. I’m lucky that I’m not working from home (teaching staff but not required at present) I write a list of everything I want to do everyday. Stuff as generic as ‘wash hair’ and ‘walk dog’ I don’t stress if I don’t get through the list, there is always tomorrow (though I try!) I find that if I’m in my routine the kids fit around that. So I make sure I do the same each morning- workout, shower, breakfast etc and get the kids to also get dressed, breakfast etc before we start home school. Whatever work is set for them that day needs to be done. But sometimes we break for a dog walk at 11, some days it’s 3pm. Some days I give myself some down time in my room, other days I power through cleaning and paperwork. So for me, lists and routine for myself are key. Hope that helps a bit.

Thornhill58 Thu 23-Apr-20 21:05:34

We try to be up at the same time every day. Eat together in the evening and walk twice a day that's all. The walks are just 15 min each so no big deal.
Honestly just make sure they are ok and not fighting.
Big question what's HEI?

FirTree31 Thu 23-Apr-20 21:40:55

They fight all the time, the youngest SCREAMS, it's soul destroying, like watching a Jekyll and Hyde, some moments they are cuddling and the next throwing things. When I try and work I am often stopping to calm things. I need to be firmer with myself about doing school work, and sticking to routines

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Cat0115 Fri 24-Apr-20 06:08:23

I have a black board left over from when the children were small. I put their chores on it for the day. E. G sweep up dog hair (2 dogs, wooden floors!) They have to do Jo W at 9 with me, school work and chores to earn screen time each day. Ages 13 and 11...working OK so far! I'm a teacher and HoD working from home, glued to zoom each day for meetings or marking work. DH also putting in long days in a MoD job so we need routine or the wheels fall off. Good luck!

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