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Yard sale

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AlphaJura Thu 23-Apr-20 18:12:18

Someone I know locally today advertised a yard sale on her drive! For the dcs to make money. Said everything was sealed and a lot of new goods. Said to keep 2 m apart and put cash in pot. Personally I wouldn't do this or go. She got some quite angry comments and people saying it was stupid. Some saying they would phone the police. The odd person saying they couldn't see what was wrong and it was good for the dcs. People said it's not essential but then some said you could go when 'exercising'. I don't think yard sales are permitted are they?

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jessy2018 Thu 23-Apr-20 19:27:24

I don’t think they’re not permitted. Loads of things still being advertised and sold on fb marketplace, gumtree etc. I bought and collected something g the other day on my walk. The seller left it in the drive and I put the money through the letter box.

AlphaJura Fri 24-Apr-20 12:29:56

Ok. Many people on the thread said that people have stopped selling things privately. I don't know because I haven't attempted to buy anything like this. The thing is, and some people were saying this, advertising a load of random stuff (and not individually listing why you have) is surely inviting people to make a non essential trip just to look through it all? I thought we were only supposed to go out to buy food or medicine? Obviously it's different if you are in a supermarket and you pick up something that's not essential because you were going anyway. Maybe it is ok. I'm just surprised that someone would decide to do this whilst on lockdown.

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