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How are is it to eat soft skin fruits?

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Ranguski Thu 23-Apr-20 10:31:29

How much washing is enough washing for them to be deemed safe?

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Wingedharpy Thu 23-Apr-20 10:33:34

As much or as little as you feel necessary - or, peel them.

dementedpixie Thu 23-Apr-20 10:35:14

I just rinse under the tap tbh

JustStayHome Thu 23-Apr-20 10:35:52

If they wasn't in a sealed back i wouldn't

But that's just me.

Water is not going to be enough to kill the bug

Peal them? But them in a sealed packet if you can?

I personally cant understand fruit and veg markets that are still open but i believe i am not in the majority 🤷🏼‍♀️

PineappleDanish Thu 23-Apr-20 10:36:04

You are starting from the standpoint of them being dangerous and needing washed. I don't think grapes, plums, strawberries etc are "dangerous" to start with.

ANoiseAnnoys Thu 23-Apr-20 10:38:49

Soap and water breaks down the virus so I just put them in a large bowl with water and a squirt of fairy, swish around/rub them and then dry.

I usually wash fruit anyway so not a big deal - I’m not disinfecting all my shopping though it would take too long, I just wash my hands after putting it all away.

Unshriven Thu 23-Apr-20 10:38:51

We just eat them, as normal.

The viral load will be miniscule.

I'd say it's better to be exposed in a small way.

dementedpixie Thu 23-Apr-20 10:39:31

You dont need to kill the virus, just wash it away. Plus if the fruit has sat in the fridge for a few days will there not be less viable virus left on it anyway? I cant get worked up about it tbh

RaininSummer Thu 23-Apr-20 10:40:36

Just eat them. We will all be exposed to the virus at some point surely.

Ranguski Thu 23-Apr-20 10:42:27

I’ve been soaking them in water before putting them in the fridge. But I am worried if this is enough. I’ve started peeling the skin off apples and washing them before giving it to my daughter..but things like grapes do concern me. If the virus can last up to 3 days on certain items then is it possible to get it via eating fruits?

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AmelieTaylor Thu 23-Apr-20 10:43:26


Do you think they have some virus repelling qualities the scientific community should be told about?!

@Ranguski personally I wouldn't be eating very soft ones like raspberries. I don't eat strawberries anyway, but I'd give them a swerve right now if I did.

Tomatoes I have washed in my hands with a soft cloth & dishwashing liquid. Rinsed well. I'd do the same with other fruit.

If you can get any, it's perfectly safe to soak fruit & veg in miltons, then rinse it.

Fluandseptember Thu 23-Apr-20 10:43:55

Is there any evidence you can get it by eating? use cutlery to avoid touching it if you must, but I don't think there is a digestive infection route is there??

Ranguski Thu 23-Apr-20 10:44:35

Yes the whole grocery shopping has started to give me panic attacks..the last time we did our shop I spent 3 hours washing, wiping and decanting items. I cannot keep this going can I?

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Ranguski Thu 23-Apr-20 10:46:22

Fluandseptember I don’t know, I’ve tried looking at the reputable sites but it’s not very clear - atleast to me. Some say the risk is minuscule but the next sentence also says don’t touch it for 3 days??

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PineappleDanish Thu 23-Apr-20 10:46:33

Do you think they have some virus repelling qualities the scientific community should be told about?!

No, but then I don't live my life thinking that it's EVERYWHERE and that everything is DANGEROUS and that I need to clean everything, bleach everything, disinfect everything. Sensible precautions like washing your hands and limiting social contact are fine. Fretting about washing your soft fruit to make it safe - not fine.

dementedpixie Thu 23-Apr-20 10:47:00

I have never washed any of my shopping. We rinse or peel fruit/veg before using. I regard shopping items as low risk tbh as if it was high risk all the supermarket staff would be struck down with the virus and they're not

dementedpixie Thu 23-Apr-20 10:47:42

Who says dont touch your food for 3 days?

Ranguski Thu 23-Apr-20 10:52:10

I know I’ll get it at some point but I’m just trying to buy time..atleast till the flights are back on. That way if I get it and die or both me and my husband are hospitalised someone from my family can fly and take my daughter with them. We don’t have family or friends here so I assume if we both are hospitalised then my daughter will be taken into care until they can make contact with my family? Is there a way I can leave the contact details so someone would know that we have family in another country?

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fedupfrida Thu 23-Apr-20 10:54:18

We always wash our fruit and veg using a wash of white vinegar and water. (Soak in a bowl/sink of water with a couple of tablespoons of vinegar added for an hour then rinse thoroughly). This is as close as you can get to anti bac but unless you bleach your veg/fruit you can’t eliminate every danger in this world!
There’s no evidence that Covid can live on these items but other viruses such as ecoli and cryptosporidium have done forever.
My biggest concern has always been bagged salad and greens such as spinach leaves. They are notorious for harbouring dangerous bacteria.

PineappleDanish Thu 23-Apr-20 11:03:12

That way if I get it and die or both me and my husband are hospitalised

But this is so very, very unlikely. You haven't mentioned underlying medical conditions and given you have a small child, you're not old enough to be 60+ and vulnerable.

This is panic and anxiety speaking. Please don't spend 3 hours "decontaminating" your shopping and worrying about what happens if you die. There is lots of help out there with your mental health and anxiety too.

SnickettyLemon Thu 23-Apr-20 11:05:06

I thought that any 'germs'etc. Would be killed by your stomach acid.

dementedpixie Thu 23-Apr-20 11:07:06

If you arent elderly and don't have underlying conditions then if you get it you are very very likely to have a mild case. I think you need to work on your anxiety levels

Ranguski Thu 23-Apr-20 11:09:44

I’m 39 husband 46 daughter is 6
I have no known underlying health conditions
Husband has asthma
We are from BAME background so I gather as per the latest reports there is a slight increased risk

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PineappleDanish Thu 23-Apr-20 11:10:48

But you are very, very low risk whatever your ethnic background. Please try to take a step back from all of this.

dementedpixie Thu 23-Apr-20 11:11:54

Maybe take a vitamin D supplement as that seems to be advised especially if you aren't getting out much.

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