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Office for National Statistics - COVID 19 Study - anyone else had a letter this morning?

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Chasingsquirrels Thu 23-Apr-20 10:03:37

As the title says really.

I was selected for an ONS study at the beginning of the year and had a visit then a quarterly follow-up telephone call a couple of weeks ago.

Received a special delivery letter this morning referencing the above and inviting my household to participate in the ONS & University of Oxford 12 month study being administered by IQVIA.

And as I type this have just received a text about it as well.

Says 11,000 households initially, increasing to 132,000 over the next year.

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millymaple Thu 23-Apr-20 10:05:46

Ah, you’re getting the tests? Am quite envious.

How do you get selected for those ONS ones is it just random?

Chasingsquirrels Thu 23-Apr-20 10:10:32

I'm just reading the information leaflet about the study atm.

I think the selection is totally random as it should be.
It was the Labour Force study we were initially selected for. I certainly hadn't applied or done anything which might lead to selection that I'm aware of. From chatting to the initial interviewer and the follow up phone one it seemed to be a real mix of households.

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Bimbleberries Thu 23-Apr-20 10:19:03

It says on one of the articles that they are selecting volunteers for the first pilot (20,000) from people who have already taken part in an ONS study and have indicated they are happy to be contacted about future research.

So I won't be selected, though I'd like to be!

Maybe when they expand it to 300,000 households, which they are apparently going to do at some poitn.

Chasingsquirrels Thu 23-Apr-20 10:32:37

Bimbleberries yes it says that in the information, in my last post about selection I was referring to our selection for the initial ONS study I did.

The letter says 11,000 households expanding to 132,000 households over the year.

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