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Separated parents during covid19

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whoisjoe Thu 23-Apr-20 09:32:23

DD5 usually stays with her dad 1-2nights per week. She hasn't been in nearly 7 weeks. Initially I agreed with him that it was too risky as his live in partner was working. But I am concerned for DDs emotional well-being, she is becoming anxious and very clingy to me. He has facetimed her once a week or once every 10 days, she is becoming more strange with him. Government advice is that children can visit both homes as long as no-one is showing symptoms, has underlying health issues or in high risk category. He is still refusing to take her, says it's too much risk to her and me.
Anyone in a similar situation?

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whoisjoe Thu 23-Apr-20 21:18:04


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Lovemusic33 Thu 23-Apr-20 21:51:01

My kids haven’t seen their dad either, I agreed to him not seeing them as he is living in a house with others that are working (coming and going), at the time I guess I thought it would only be for 3 weeks.

I think if her dad is isolating, only going out to get food and not working then there’s no harm in him having her over 2 days a week, I think it’s important with young children as 7 weeks can feel a lot longer to them than us. Luckily my kids are older and they don’t have a brilliant relationship with their dad so they haven’t even asked after him.

backaftera2yearbreak Thu 23-Apr-20 21:55:12

My son went to his dads for a week after being home for 2 weeks. He’s been back here a few weeks and as long as he stays symptom free he will go back again for another week soon.

2anddone Thu 23-Apr-20 21:56:23

My 2 haven't seen there dad for 5 weeks apart from when he delivered Easter eggs and stood 2 metres away from
The doorstep to say hello. They won't go to his (never have done) he usually comes here twice a week for tea but isn't during lockdown as he is still at work and also I can't trust what he is doing and where he is going while he isn't at work. He suggested not coming round during lockdown and my 2 haven't even noticed, they don't ask after him and usually don't even reply to him when he texts them (they are 11 and 14 though so older than your dd and able to make their own decisions regarding contact)

oxydrive73 Thu 23-Apr-20 22:00:27

My ex is a funeral director and obviously dealing directly with the virus, we have both decided that he won't see them. Mine are older though , they have had a few wobbles over it though.

LeSquigh Thu 23-Apr-20 22:05:16

Yes I am in a similar situation, except our custody in 50/50 and not court ordered, but agreed. We are continuing as normal. This is despite the fact that one of the four parents/step parents is undergoing cancer treatment, and two are key workers, one of which is in a slightly riskier than the average role. We are being as careful as possible, and we will not be preventing a child from not seeing their parents.

whoisjoe Fri 24-Apr-20 08:39:04

Thanks for the replies. After more discussion, he said he would take her but doesn't feel comfortable with it and if i or her were to get the virus it would be on my head. Feel backed into a corner to keep her away, even though the risk is very small sad
I'm in Scotland and it looks like some sort of Lockdown is going to go on for the rest of the year, but she can't stay away from him for that long.
He is isolating, his GF is working as a support worker visiting 2 clients homes

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