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Furlough pay - do I have a leg to stand on?

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SleepForTheWeak Thu 23-Apr-20 08:24:43

I was furloughed on the 27th of March, I am lucky that the company I work for has committed to pay 100% of our salary for as long as the government continues to contribute 80%.

I have worked for this company for 9 years. At the beginning of the year I received a promotion and I started my new role on the 3rd on March. My salary is double what I was on (I'm working a few more hours, and wasn't earning much before). This would a welcome money relief for our family.

We get paid for the month previous. So my first 'new' pay was today, for the hours worked in March.

I am so upset to see they've paid me my previous salary. Nothing has been mentioned to me about not receiving the salary which is in my contract, and I have read through all the procedural documents again just to make sure.

Should I just be grateful that I'm receiving anything, or should I challenge it?

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Icedlatte Thu 23-Apr-20 08:28:18

Of course question it! Doesn't have to be a battle, just speak to your line manager and say

Hi XXX, just wanted to ask a question about my pay. I was expecting to receive £x following my promotion and new terms, but I've been paid £x - my previous salary. Would you mind checking what's going on with accounts, and nudging them to update my salary?

Mummiepig Thu 23-Apr-20 08:30:47

Isn’t furlough calculated on the higher or either your average wage for the last year, or what you earned in the same month last year?
Meaning you won’t see your new pay rise yet

Mummiepig Thu 23-Apr-20 08:33:40

To calculate your pay your company will use either:
Your earnings in the same month last year
Your average monthly earnings for the 2019 / 2020 tax year.

Mummiepig Thu 23-Apr-20 08:34:23

So it’s probably right

Bellendejour Thu 23-Apr-20 08:34:36

I would definitely challenge it! Just send a nice email pointing it out, it may just be a mistake.

Chasingsquirrels Thu 23-Apr-20 08:36:42

This ISN'T furlough pay though is it?
You are being paid for your work in March, and you worked the majority of March as normal - presumably under your new contract.
Definately question it.

jamcircuit Thu 23-Apr-20 08:37:38

It's not a mistake though. As everyone is saying you get either 80% of your wage from the previous tax year averaged out or you get 80% of your wage for the same month in the previous year. Whichever is the highest.

Or 100% if your company tops it up.

To prevent fraud.

SleepForTheWeak Thu 23-Apr-20 08:40:32

Thank you.

This was not communicated to me at all, and the form I signed stated I would receive 100% of my salary.

Also, as I worked the majority of March on my new role and this pay is based on last months work then surely I would get paid for last month properly at the very least? I worked 24 extra hours last month if nothing else.

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SleepForTheWeak Thu 23-Apr-20 08:42:06

@Chasingsquirrels yes you are right

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SleepForTheWeak Thu 23-Apr-20 08:42:50

I have sent a polite friendly email. My line manager also just happens to do the pay roll so she should be able to explain/justify/rectify

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Motorina Thu 23-Apr-20 08:47:11

It sounds to me like, from 3rd-27th March you should be paid your new salary, including for the extra hours worked. And then from 27th on you will be paid furlough pay, which will be based on the calculations others have outlined.

Worth querying on that basis, as it's likely payroll have been pretty busy and have overlooked that.

SleepForTheWeak Thu 23-Apr-20 08:49:01

@Motorina it's not been over looked, my line manager (of whom I am the only other one in her team so we are quite close) also does the pay roll

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Chasingsquirrels Thu 23-Apr-20 09:57:05

Going forward I would expect, from what you have said, that your pay should also be based on your new contract.

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme furlough reimbursement which your employer can reclaim would be 80% based on your previous pay, but your employer has told you that they are paying 100% of your salary, and you are now employed based on your new contract.

So your employer will bear more of the cost, in the same way that where an employee earns more than the £2,500 cap and the employer commits to 100% of salary.

There are two things at play here - how your employer is dealing with the situation in paying you, and what your employer can reclaim from HMRC.

Mummytoonlychild Sat 25-Apr-20 10:21:28

Did HR get back to you @SleepForTheWeak

SleepForTheWeak Sun 26-Apr-20 12:55:16

Yes they did. I was a mistake apparently. The discrepancy was paid into my bank later that day

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Frumpylumpyvixen Sun 26-Apr-20 12:57:14

Good result

Chasingsquirrels Sun 26-Apr-20 13:09:41

Excellent news.

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