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New continuous cough, what should I do?

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Inferiorbeing Thu 23-Apr-20 08:36:05

I'm so sorry I didnt properly read your OP

Inferiorbeing Thu 23-Apr-20 08:35:35

Call doctor and you are your house should stay inside. DP had all of the symptoms a few weeks back (frontline NHS) and he was fine within 5 days

PotteringAlong Thu 23-Apr-20 07:27:19


Missmummy88 Thu 23-Apr-20 07:26:34

I’ve developed a cough, unsure where from! My lb did have a cough a few weeks back so maybe I’ve picked up his.

We’ve been in isolation for 4.5 weeks with only ‘contact’ being Tesco delivery but obviously observing the social distance.

I was on a call last night with my dad who started to alarm about my rate of coughing and told me I need to call dr first thing.

I am pregnant and at around the same gestation last time I developed a chest infection which required antibiotics.

I doubt very much it’s Covid but is he right, given I’m pregnant and have a history of chest infections in pregnancy should I call my dr?

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