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Gifts in the post - recommendations

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Greybutterfly Wed 22-Apr-20 23:49:40

I have a few friends that are single parents or living alone that are really struggling with the isolation.
I would like to send them a little present in the post to let them know that even though we can’t see each other I’m thinking about them.
Has anyone got any recommendations that do not break the bank? I was thinking of something different to the stereotypical cards and flowers.

And before anyone starts saying this is not a necessity I think it also is important for some of these women’s mental health to have a little something to help them get through this situation.

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Duckduckgosling Thu 23-Apr-20 00:07:16

I received a photo book from my best friend yesterday.
It had many pictures of us from all our years of friendship along with some text about the memories.
It was so lovely. I looked through once and laughed and then looked through a second time and cried (missing her and missing making more memories)

I've sent out postcards from touchnote to my friends, with pictures of us on the front, they have all loved them. It's the little things really, that just put a smile on our faces during these difficult times.

Greybutterfly Thu 23-Apr-20 08:45:00

That sounds like a beautiful present, she sounds like a lovely friend. I love the postcard idea too ... what a great idea

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