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Help me rationalise

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Nightowl92 Wed 22-Apr-20 23:34:32

I suffer with anxiety constantly, however not usually health anxiety. I’m worrying about everything! I’m constantly washing my hands. I wear a mask and gloves to the supermarket take gloves off before getting in the car and then hand sanitise. I then wipes all the car handles down with dettol wipes and wash my hands when I get home. I anti bac spray most my shopping and then quarantine what I can. I freak out if anyone comes anywhere near me in the supermarket. I had to meet a friend to get something for work just on a car park. They came very close to my car window I’d say a few feet away as they were putting something in the back of my car and I freaked out. I’m constantly having a tight chest feeling and convincing myself I can’t breathe. Please can some reassure me I’m over reacting. I’m 27 years old with no known health conditions but I’m still freaking out. I’m terrified for me and my parents (55) years old and constantly checking up that they are also taking all the precautions. However I know I’m starting to irritate them and my partner who I live with is sick of my constant freaking out sad everyone’s telling me the risk of contracting it from my one trip to the supermarket each week is low and that I’d probably be fine even if I contracted it. But I’ve convinced myself otherwise sad I really need some reassurance/hand hold sad

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Nightowl92 Wed 22-Apr-20 23:54:40


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