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Why was parliament in recess

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isitspringyet Wed 22-Apr-20 22:33:19

It’s a national emergency I’m shocked parliament had a break. Or do mps carry on working through holiday?

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OhCrumbsWhereNow Wed 22-Apr-20 22:56:24

Ministers etc carry on working with their departments, MPs work in their constituencies.

There was a normal parliamentary recess - which gave time for the core staff in Parliament to set up the IT systems etc to allow virtual working as they had today in the Chamber.

By the time they shut down Parliament, a large number of staff and MPs were already off with either confirmed or suspected CV-19. The place is jam packed and no chance of social distancing - some of the offices are like broom cupboards.

None of the MPs I know (across parties) have been sat at home doing nothing.

ethelredonagoodday Wed 22-Apr-20 22:59:00

Is it not more because legislation currently does not (or did not) allow MPs to sit virtually?
I work for a council and up until now all formal committee meetings have been suspended and emergency decision making powers given to our CEx because our existing constitution does not allow for virtual committee sittings...

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