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czechs wear masks

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jobhunter7 Wed 22-Apr-20 15:55:23

interesting video on how they have taken to wearing masks in the czech republic and how it has helped:

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jobhunter7 Wed 22-Apr-20 16:02:38

In 3 days, they provided masks for 10million people.

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jobhunter7 Wed 22-Apr-20 16:17:06

I think we may need to see if we can do the same in the UK and the rest of the world.

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Comenext Wed 22-Apr-20 16:23:38

It can be done but it takes a bit of determination and forethought.
People have got to see the reason behind them and really want to wear them.
There is a long list of countries where masks are mandatory. UK and USA are not on the list yet but some States in the USA are.

jobhunter7 Wed 22-Apr-20 16:27:54

I think it is a lovely video - hope people watch it and pass it on...

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jobhunter7 Wed 22-Apr-20 17:04:50

are there many mnetters from other countries? perhaps they could spread the message there also...

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Prokupatuscrakedatus Wed 22-Apr-20 18:24:53

From Monday on masks will be compulsory on public transport and in enclosed public spaces here in Berlin. So I went out and bought reusable / cleanable ones for us at the pharmacy together with observing ordinary hygiene rules (for hand washing, sneezing, coughing, touching etc.) it should get us out again.
I am waiting for my football club to roll out the fan version.

In Turkey you get masks when you show you ticket in public transport or your health card at a phramacy. A work mate has her vulnerable parents and other family living in different cities over there.

jobhunter7 Wed 22-Apr-20 20:25:28

People should really be wearing masks when they are on public transport and in enclosed public spaces.

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jobhunter7 Wed 22-Apr-20 20:39:36

Why doesn't Bojo get on the tv/radio tonight or tomorrow morning and ask people to do this and start making masks? It can't hurt surely...

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sossujunmash Wed 22-Apr-20 20:45:19

A bump!

In an interview many weeks ago with S Korean leading scientist Prof Kim Woo Ju he said that masks were recommended for all.

sossujunmash Thu 23-Apr-20 10:37:45

A video for an easy home made mask not requiring use of a sewing a machine!

PumpkinP Thu 23-Apr-20 12:20:19

Where can we buy them? Don’t want to make one

jobhunter7 Thu 23-Apr-20 12:25:10

They sometimes sell them on ebay, amazon...

But I think the medics may need them more than most regular folk...

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PumpkinP Thu 23-Apr-20 12:31:28

I will just not wear one then as I’m rubbish at making things and would have to make 5 so the kids had them. We aren’t really going out anyway.

Northernsoullover Thu 23-Apr-20 12:33:30

Just wear a scarf pumpkin

jobhunter7 Thu 23-Apr-20 12:47:42


A scarf or bandana indeed is probably far better than nothing if you need to leave the house.

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sossujunmash Thu 23-Apr-20 14:35:56

There are cloth ones for sale on amazon, pumpkin

I can't sew to save my life but I am planning to attempt the one i found on youtube linked above - was thinking of using old jeans for dc's ones smile I think the schools will require them when they go back

Apparently quilted material is the best

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