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Warning, I am about to rant

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WhatPollyForgot Wed 22-Apr-20 13:49:44

To my fellow shoppers in Morrisons. Wearing a mask does not make you exempt from social distancing. Get the fuck away from me.

And if you feel the need to wear gloves, dispose of them properly. Do not throw them in the trolley when you have emptied it. Do not throw them on the floor. Who the fuck do you expect to pick them up.

And show more respect for the supermarket staff.

As you were.

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usernotfound0000 Wed 22-Apr-20 14:04:08

I've found Morrisons the worst for this, I assumed it was because our store is fairly small but it was awful. Lovely orderly queue outside, everyone keeping the required distance, once through the doors, it no longer mattered! Sainsbury's on the other hand I found to be rather pleasant.

HoneyBee03 Wed 22-Apr-20 15:25:22

The few times I've been to the supermarket recently it's been impossible to stay 2 metres away from everyone. It wasn't a problem though as long as everyone kept moving, and no-one stopped to browse next to anyone.

Its terrible that people have been littering their gloves everywhere, I've not seen any of that.

WhatPollyForgot Wed 22-Apr-20 16:21:12

I think there should be a one way system like tesco has introduced. I had one woman stand right next to me, looking a tins, rather than just waiting for me to select, and move on.

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LIZS Wed 22-Apr-20 16:37:24

Similar story in local Sainsbury's yesterday. Giving your dc masks does not mean they can have the run of the store with a trolley and invade others' personal space, especially as they kept removing and fiddling with them. Nor is it acceptable for them to play on the escalators. Food shopping is not a family outing at the moment, if you have a two adult household it does not require four of you to go, even stopping to have a discussion on naan bread in the middle of the aisle. hmm Went to Sainsbury's after trying Morrisons last week but space there was so much more restrictive and queue to pay slow.

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