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Good things about the lockdown?

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gandalf456 Wed 22-Apr-20 11:46:20

Any at all?

Personally, while necessary, I think it's totally shit.

However, there are some good things:

Time goes by very slowly. It's made me realise how busy and stressed we are with unnecessary things. If people ring, I am far more engaged with them because I am not thinking, oh, I have got to do this after.

Pollution has reduced and it's a great opportunity to look at how our society is set up. Could more of us work from home?

Workers in traditionally menial roles are now on the frontline and are finally getting the respect they deserve. Could this change our outlook associated with socio-economic status?

People are getting outdoors and enjoying very simple pleasures. There is no longer the pressure to be doing or spending

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WineLover1234 Wed 22-Apr-20 11:50:58

Totally agree. I understand its a shit situation but I always try and look at a positive out look other wise we would go mad!! Xx

DaisylovesDonald Wed 22-Apr-20 11:52:25

I’m not missing the school run (although we are all missing school itself terribly)

RigaBalsam Wed 22-Apr-20 11:55:11

Takeaways are so much more delicious.

Doctors appointments are so much more simple.

I am finding the day goes fast.

LaneBoy Wed 22-Apr-20 12:02:52

I’ve found a lot of positives which I’ve mentioned on other threads, but have found a totally unexpected one today. 10yo has been home educated for years but lockdown has changed the way we do things as there have been new resources available. They work in totally different ways to me and it’s already encouraging me to be a lot more spontaneous and worry less about learning things at the “right” time. DS needs structure but I’m realising he can inspire himself a lot more than I thought. We are behind schedule today but it’s because he got really into drawing some diagrams and now wants to make a 3D book thing from them. confused It’s teaching me a lot, never mind him!

NoMorePoliticsPlease Wed 22-Apr-20 12:27:02

I hear birdsong at 5am instead of planes

KonTikki Wed 22-Apr-20 12:31:08

I get to ignore the Neighbours, and not feel guilty grin

Kbear Wed 22-Apr-20 12:32:24

Time - love having time - sorted out drawers and cupboards, the loft and the garden

We are a houseful of adults but we're getting on well - we're being nice to each other mostly - we have time to do stuff we wouldn't normally - like last Saturday we made a crazy golf course in the garden lol

Dinner every night together cos everyone is in - not working or out drinking!

Relaxing dinner times - prep time lovely !

I drink more gin cos I don't have to drive anywhere

I can waste an evening watching crap telly cos I don't have to be anywhere

I can stay up late and then start work in my pjs next day haha

Missing my parents though

ilovecakeandwine Wed 22-Apr-20 12:42:05

I was thinking this yesterday,
I'm enjoying not having to set my alarm every night . I do get up before everyone but I have a couple of coffees and relax no rushing .
No commute , traffic stressful.
I have time to exercise I alternate between a run / walk every day it's lovely especially as the weather has been mostly great .
Sitting in the sun reading , I never have time for this before except on holiday . I've gone through a couple of books and I've got the start of a lovely tan .
I've had time to keep on top of the housework even gardening.
It's also nice to stay up past 11pm and not think about getting up early for work.

Aposterhasnoname Wed 22-Apr-20 12:46:43

Loads. Clear roads so can set off to work far later than usual, and get home far faster (Key worker). Supermarkets not crowded. Spending far, far less money as no spontaneous purchases/coffees/lunches out etc. The hideous culture of hugging people at work has stopped. No pressure to go out and socialise after work. House has been deep cleaned top to bottom which I seldom have time for. We’ve now got a family WhatsApp which is actually getting used.
Lovely long lie ins on a weekend without DH pestering to go out somewhere.
I appreciate I’m lucky though, having a secure job, a nice house and garden. and being an introvert

happywifey Wed 22-Apr-20 12:48:01

Where do I start!

My hubby and I are closer and stronger. I appreciate him more.
Loving more time with my daughter , appreciating every moment.
Less choice in food so get to be very creative and innovative.
I am enjoying exercising so much more as it is limited so I really make the most of it and in doing so I am losing weight and getting stronger.
Hearing birds, noticing animals and insects and nature rather than hearing all those bloody cars every day.
Appreciating the weather - and choosing the best time to go out.
Not seeing zillions of people and I worry less about crime.
Less pollution.
I feel grateful for the little things and realising so much choice is not neccessarily a good thing for me in noncovid life.

I kind of like the hermit aspect of lockdown and I realise after all this is over I want a quieter life.

MuddyPuddlesAndPrettyBubbles Wed 22-Apr-20 12:48:35

Not having to commute is bloody amazing. I'm far less tired now I'm not sitting in shitty traffic for 6 hours a week.

Turnedouttoes Wed 22-Apr-20 12:53:36

Oh I’m loving it! Although I’m sad our holidays have been cancelled and I can’t see my family there’s so many good things as well.

So much more time in the evenings after I shut my laptop at 5.30 and don’t have to commute an hour home which means more time for reading/TV watching/going for a slow walk before cooking dinner
I’m definitely saving money on eating out/clothes/make up
Zero reason to wear make up so nice lie ins until 8.30
No guilt about spending the weekends laying around
DP is actually at home (although not getting laid) whereas he normally works 7 days a week so we’re doing a lot more together like playing board games, baking, puzzles

I honestly think our lives will be much slower paced after this. Our company has already said they’ll be reviewing our wfh policy as it’s obviously working so well

Mooserp Wed 22-Apr-20 12:54:13

Agree with lots of these.

It's made me evaluate what I want in life.

A rather trivial one, but when I was shopping for food yesterday I could peruse the reduced shelves without anyone else being allowed near me!

Turnedouttoes Wed 22-Apr-20 12:54:57

Paid not laid!! I can assure you he’s getting laid grin

Mooserp Wed 22-Apr-20 12:55:24

Turnedouttoes poor husband 😆

MrFlibblesEyes Wed 22-Apr-20 12:56:25

I'm getting a cracking tan from the clear skies and being able to spend a lot of time in the garden 😁

Invisimamma Wed 22-Apr-20 13:02:06

I need this thread today as I'm feeling a bit crap about things but can be grateful for....

No ironing (why bother nobody is going to see our creased clothes)

No commute has made a huge difference to family balance and my energy levels after a day of work. Its also saving me around £150 a month.

Not showering everyday, also saves time in the day.

I've got round to some jobs that I had been putting off, sorting cupboards, deep cleaning, gardening. There are still lots of other jobs I haven't got round to doing though!

Rediscovering some of the beautiful walks in our local area.

CroissantsAtDawn Wed 22-Apr-20 13:05:13

I'm getting loads more hugs and kisses from the DC.

We're eating together a lot more.

DS1 is no longer crying every day about having to go to school.

Thats about it unfortunately.

LaneBoy Wed 22-Apr-20 13:29:50

I’m really seeing my older two bond again as well. They’d always been close but had then grown apart the last couple of years (now 12/10). Eldest was complaining about being dragged on daily walks but they’re playing together like old times and it’s just lovely.

Also I’ve had the opportunity to be proud of myself for overcoming a fear - I HATE video chat but my therapist suggested a session that way. She was happy to do phone if I’d asked but I decided to try and although I felt anxious at first I did get used to it. I wouldn’t have done it if there was no lockdown!

Mintjulia Wed 22-Apr-20 13:34:59

Time to catch my breath. Me & DS moved into house after splitting with Ex 8 years ago, and I've been flat out ever since.

I've been furloughed so I'm trying to make it positive. I have time to think. Think about style of rooms. What can I change inexpensively. Think about career - I definitely want to change. Think about CV. Think about trying new things.

It's my first chance to be a SAHM. It might only last 6 weeks but it is good spending more time with DS .

Xmasbaby11 Wed 22-Apr-20 13:41:19

More time with dh and the dc. DC having lots of garden time.

Saving a bit of money from lunches out.

It's fine and I've nothing to complain about but I will be getting back to normal when I can. I was happy with my life as it was and I've no desire to slow it down.

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