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Raising money for the NHS?

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twoHopes Wed 22-Apr-20 10:32:23

I've just had another note come through my front door this morning about a neighbour raising money for the NHS. It's lovely that people want to help during this pandemic and are being so generous. But I have a request.

I'm a trustee of a small local charity that helps very vulnerable children (I won't say the name as I'm not fishing for cash). We are on our knees at the moment as much of our funding has dried up. We normally get regular donations from local small businesses but we feel bad asking them for money right now as so many of them are struggling just to stay afloat.

The government has said they will provide some grants to support small charities but we still have no idea how or when or who will be eligible. So please think about who you donate to during this pandemic. Of course the NHS should be properly funded (no question) but there are lots of local charities who may not exist for much longer leaving desperately vulnerable people in serious situations.

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