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Looking after my niece - how can we be as safe as possible?

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GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Wed 22-Apr-20 08:08:59

My sister in law in currently going through an emergency situation and we need to take care of her daughter on some days, now and again. My husband is still working but apart from that the rest of us have been completely at home. SIL’s household has been almost completely isolated for weeks now too.

How can we all keep as safe as possible during this period? Dh strips off and uniform is washed immediately upon arriving home, washing hands, hand gel at work etc. Any more tips?

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TheoriginalLEM Wed 22-Apr-20 08:14:02

Nothing beyond stringent handwashing I'd imagine. Unless she can come and stay with you to minimise comings and goings, but understand she may not want to do that.

I hope the situation resolves itself

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Wed 22-Apr-20 08:21:56

Thank you. She’s very used to being at our house but I think going home to mum would be the best thing emotionally for them all at this time.

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buckeejit Wed 22-Apr-20 08:27:50

What age is her daughter? Can you more or less keep to one area of the house with her & just shoes off, lots of hand washing? Very much age dependent

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Wed 22-Apr-20 08:32:22

She’s 4 so not really. Also will probably need cuddles and I still have my children to look after and she will play with. It’s so difficult.

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