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Reality check

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Rhianna1980 Wed 22-Apr-20 07:49:29

Before you shoot me down, I hate the lockdown and everyday is a struggle in our household. I breakdown and cry every now and then, that’s my emotional part of me, let’s talk about the reality of it.

1. Infection rate is still around 5k a day THATS WITH a hard lockdown
2. 800 deaths a day

Our numbers are starting to show a slow drop which is very promising but they are still extremely high.
I understand people are fed up, economy is wrecked, people need to get hospital treatments etc (which I think they should have never stopped especially for cancer patients).
But the reality of it is that no not many people are getting is that this a world wide DISASTER. It’s like asking to go back to your home that has been severely destroyed by a flood or a volcano. People don’t understand that if we cant go back to normal like pre CV now because it will rip through the nation. Do we want Spanish flu death numbers? Do we want broken NHS?
I was reading yesterday that they don’t even know of immunity works if you catch it second time as they know so little about the virus.
They will relax the rules a bit but be prepared to shut again once the numbers start to go on the increase again. Social distancing is here to stay for a very long time.
Things won’t be normal until they have a really good understanding of the virus, mass testing, (test-trace-isolate), and a vaccine, and hope for the virus not to mutate quickly.

This is not normal times. It’s hard to see/perceive this danger as it’s not concrete, but the threat is there and is not going away.

I remind myself to be kind and patient with myself because I sometimes don’t.
We are all in this together...

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PowerslidePanda Wed 22-Apr-20 08:17:14

Well said. So often on here I see people saying, "Lockdown is just to protect the NHS and the NHS is coping" and "Well we're all going to get it at some point anyway". Those arguments are completely flawed and it's entirely the wrong attitude. We need to make the most of this opportunity to get the number off cases as low as we can, in order to have any chance of stopping this getting out of control with social distancing. We can't afford another lockdown.

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Rhianna1980 Wed 22-Apr-20 16:59:45

NHS or not, if the system gets snowed under with CV patients, with no beds for them, there will be two options:
1. these people, will be less likely to recover without hospital care if no beds are available
2- the patients will be triaged and patients with little chance in surviving will be thrown out of the hospital.

This scenario can still happen at anytime in the future if we go with a soft lockdown.

Relaxing the space distancing rules is suicide.

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