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lotusbell Tue 21-Apr-20 21:15:41

Ok this is a weird one, hopefully I can explain myself properly.
Since lockdown, I've noticed a lot of adverts geared specifically towards the current situation we're all on. They're obviously new and made to fit, so how are they being made? How do these things work? For example, theres an EE one with Kevin Bacon. Just him, speaking to a camera about how EE are offering NHS staff a discount. I suppose not hard to get one man and some crew in a studio to shoot it with social distancing but what about the ones like the Tesco ones where it has kids Facetiming grandparents, baking cakes for neighbours and kids being homeschooled. Who are these people? Are they actors? Tesco staff? Are they normal people filming from home? With what? A professional crew?
I dont know how marketing works to be honest but with film and tv sets being closed down during the pandemic, I was wondering how these adverts are being made and rolled out so quickly to fit the climate.

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teenagetantrums Tue 21-Apr-20 21:19:21

Maybe old adverts put together. Or more likely they saw it coming like most of us did weeks before and planed ahead

HappyBirthdayQueenieMarm Wed 22-Apr-20 09:20:25

Its very easy to get a good camera these days and edit stuff online.

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