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British diplomat admits ‘political decision’ not to join EU bulk-buy scheme not ‘e-mail error’

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TheSandman Tue 21-Apr-20 20:34:22

The truth will out. The Tories think Brexit IS more important than people's lives.

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thegcatsmother Tue 21-Apr-20 21:04:20

As this poster explains, it doesn't work how you seem to think:

Hereward1332 Thu 02-Apr-20 14:40:33

They didn't decline to buy them. They weren't on offer. They didn't join a joint procurement scheme, where all members of the scheme would source whatever ventilators they could, and allocate them amongst scheme members, presumably according to need.

This could have seen the UK get less than it wanted as the needs of other countries (Italy, Spain) are greater. Whether it is moral to try to buy more when other nations' suffering is greater is a different question, but the government is answerable to the UK public and believes this is the most likely path to obtaining the best best result for them.

Hope that helps.

TheSandman Tue 21-Apr-20 23:01:20

Then why lie about it?

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Didkdt Tue 21-Apr-20 23:44:57

Ugh you'd have more fibre in your argument if we had a shortage of ventilators but we don't.
Youd have a better argument about the British PPE going to Europe being up to regulation standard but it isn't

FiveFootTwoEyesOfBlue Tue 21-Apr-20 23:50:22

Not true.

TheSandman Wed 22-Apr-20 01:34:26

So he was either knobbled and made to retract - or he didn't know what he was talking about in the first place. Either way it's hardly inspiring.

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thegcatsmother Wed 22-Apr-20 15:06:45

Or he has his own agenda OP. It depends also on how many people are in UKREP as Brussel is in lockdown til May at least, so not many in the Commission, or at UKREP. The message may not have got through depending at which level this was being dealt with.

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