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Becoming scared of the outside world.

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Twixandtwirl Tue 21-Apr-20 18:26:33

I have been off work for ages now as I was sick before the lockdown. Work have been doing a rota system and so far I haven't been needed but looks like I will be next week and im so worried. It's ridiculous I know and people have to do much worse but I haven't even stepped in a shop or driven my car for coming up to 7 weeks. I also need to wear PPE at work which I've never had to do before and for some reason that's scary too.

Is anyone else feeling like this or has felt like this and how did you get over it?

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CoughKeepsOnComing Tue 21-Apr-20 18:29:06

Do you have any underlying health issues OP? Are you over 65?

If not, try not to worry. I wear ppe at work. I've had coronavirus and so have my DH and DC and we are all fine. Most people are fine if they catch it. Don't worry. Most of my colleagues have now had it and most had it mildly. It will all be fine.

Twixandtwirl Tue 21-Apr-20 18:33:15

I think I may have had it already. I was off with a cough, heavy feeling on my chest and blinding headache. I am not in any of the high risk groups just apart from my children I haven't seen another human in person (except for at a distance) in ages and it's all a bit daunting. I know it's ridiculous and if I'm honest this staying home lark has been driving me mad. I'm never usually a worrier so I'm finding this feeling very strange.

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LittleFoxKit Tue 21-Apr-20 18:35:46

What we need is the government to pull their heads out the arses and put in place proactive response and interventions.

Proactive government response would really help limit the stress and worry of the general public.

This article was shared by a acquaintance who works in medical research (after deciding to retire from active medical practice) and is currently a leading researcher on containment practice (theyve done loads of interviews on tv and radio recently on the response to covid).

I personally when reading the article really felt it highlighted the responses in countries which have had a very limited impact of Covid and therefore quickly got infection and death rates down, compared to countries like Italy, the UK and USA which have had very limited interventions.

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