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Summer holidays and positive thinking

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Stumpedasatree Tue 21-Apr-20 15:21:17

Have you anything booked and what do you think the chances are of being able to go?

We are meant to be in Turkey at the beginning of August. I think I'll cry if it's all off but prefer to think positive right now.

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Drogonssmile Tue 21-Apr-20 15:22:47

We're meant to be going to Portugal for the last week in August and first week in September. I really don't know if it will go ahead, I do hope so.

Monkeytapper Tue 21-Apr-20 15:23:47

We were due to go to Fuerteventura in August but we have changed it and transferred deposit over to Aug 2021, got a good deal before prices go up for holidays next year. I don’t think you will be going to Turkey in August unfortunately.

Drbrowns Tue 21-Apr-20 15:24:06

We where suppose to be going to south of France first two weeks in June. Just sent off the email canceling it there. sad

BarefootHippieChick Tue 21-Apr-20 15:25:05

Portugal here beginning of August. Unfortunately I'm under no illusion we will be going. Even if flights are operating I doubt Portugal will want us there. The kids are absolutely gutted as we haven't been away for years and they were so looking forward to it.

Springersrock Tue 21-Apr-20 15:25:39

We have a week in France booked for the middle of August.

No idea if we can go but we haven’t got to make any decisions regarding cancellation just yet so I’m just sticking my head in the sand and hoping we can still go

PumpkinP Tue 21-Apr-20 15:26:31

Canary Islands mid September, I’m hoping for a miracle

Hoppinggreen Tue 21-Apr-20 15:26:42

I’m not planning on going abroad this year (usually go 4 or 5 times)
Even if we can go the virus will still be around and I wouldn’t want to go on a plane or to an airport. Plus if we got ill I would rather be in The UK
It will be UK holidays this year, which apart from the weather will be fine

QuitMoaning Tue 21-Apr-20 15:26:53

Italy, last two weeks of September. I will be really upset not to go, as I love it there so much.

Cantdecidewhich Tue 21-Apr-20 15:44:45

Honeymoon end of June to Vietnam and Singapore, so disappointed ☹️

Stumpedasatree Tue 21-Apr-20 16:03:17

@Cantdecidewhich I'm so sorry, did you have your wedding?

We also had Vietnam and Singapore booked for Easter - was so excited about that and we'd spent weeks researching it all.

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Whatthefoxgoingon Tue 21-Apr-20 16:07:40

Our last holiday was late January and sadly I think it will be our only holiday this year. I have cancelled everything now.

Aposterhasnoname Tue 21-Apr-20 16:07:41

We’re booked for Rhodes in September. To be honest I doubt we’ll go, but we’ve also just booked a hotel in the U.K. for the same two weeks with no upfront payment and free cancellation, so nothing to lose. I’m fairly hopeful we’ll get to go on that one, and if by some miracle we can go to Greece we’ll rebook the U.K. one for another date.

Mummypig2020 Tue 21-Apr-20 16:31:36

We are supposed to go haven in Cornwall in July, I can’t see it happening and I want to cry but trying to be positive.

TokyoSushi Tue 21-Apr-20 16:36:21

We've not booked anything but were hoping to go abroad this summer. Currently spending my lockdown planning a big surprise trip to Walt Disney World for us & my DP's. My DM is so sad not to see the DC's during lockdown she's offered to pay 75%!

Surely we'll be able to go in 2021...

Starferry Tue 21-Apr-20 16:41:50

Week in Poland booked for first week in August. Flights only so far ( booked with Ryanair before lockdown) staying positive smile

Menopauseandteensdontmix100 Tue 21-Apr-20 16:49:28

August I very much doubt anyone will be going anywhere this summer.

I live for my holidays and we were due to go away in August and due to pay balance mid June but thinking about it even if by some miracle the holiday was still on. I wouldn’t want to be going somewhere if a lot of restaurants are still shut down, the locals weren’t very welcoming and the thought of being ill with coronavirus in a hospital abroad doesn’t bare thinking about.

happystory Tue 21-Apr-20 16:51:53

France, end of July. Pretty sure that won't happen. The tourist industry needs us but I just don't see how it would work.

Aurorie11 Tue 21-Apr-20 16:54:13

Just seen Octoberfest fest in Germany cancelled late September/ early October

Daffodil101 Tue 21-Apr-20 16:56:48

We’ve cancelled France mid August

Costacoffeeplease Tue 21-Apr-20 16:58:46

I’m in Portugal and they’re talking about only accepting schengen area arrivals during the summer, so unfortunately that doesn’t include the U.K.

Summergarden Tue 21-Apr-20 17:05:01

I’m living in hope too for our end of July holiday to Austria. Austria seem to be reopening shops, bars and restaurants very soon.

I know it’s probably unrealistic and hard to imagine, but then again 3 months ago I couldn’t imagine that the current lockdown would ever be happening either!

Nixen Tue 21-Apr-20 17:06:27

France, the US, and a Caribbean cruise in July 😕 nothing cancelled yet but I’m not optimistic...

soberfabulous Tue 21-Apr-20 17:41:27

Maldives July 20th. I'm confident it will still happen.

MrsWhites Tue 21-Apr-20 17:44:40

@TokyoSushi that’s amazingly generous! You’ll have a wonderful time...if you plan to stay onsite at a Disney hotel I would hold out for the free dining plan, they are usually released this week for the following year but are delaying the announcement this year until they have more staff back in their call centre apparently.

We are supposed to be going this summer but obviously we don’t know if it will happen now!

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