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Can the media really not understand......?

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itsgettingweird Tue 21-Apr-20 08:55:59

This is awful. No one is denying the number of deaths is horrendous.

But why can't the media understand that deaths can't be reported as CV19 deaths within minutes of the mortalities and added up without proper post motel and recording.

Why can't they understand that the government are clearly showing all stats on the ONS and there is no way to hide any mortality that occurs.

Why is it that they think their reported death rate is more accurate.

2 days ago 4000 care home deaths were apparently recorded - according to one media outlet and 2500 in another. So everyone was challenging the government about the 4000 because it suited their agenda.

Today it's 7500. Is that really likely correct. 500 deaths a day on average in the English hospitals and yet 1500 each day on care homes?

I do expect media to challenge the government and correctly. But all this bandying about unchecked statistics and telling government they are wrong because the Mail or Sun or mirror have said x h and z is just plain dangerous and risks changing public opinion in a way that may not be helpful.

It's not just statistics they've done the same re coming out of lockdown and announcing schools to return in 3 weeks.

I'm all for free speech but I do think there needs to be some act in the current situation that doesn't allow incorrect statistics and information to be printed.

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onalongsabbatical Tue 21-Apr-20 09:13:59

By 'the media', you seem to mean the tabloids. Anyone who gives any serious credence to what the tabloids say doesn't pay much attention to serious and accurate reporting surely? They are a blight on British society and always have been.

itsgettingweird Tue 21-Apr-20 10:00:05

The problem is the chat shows, news shows and some news reporting are using these figures to challenge the government.

When they say "official figures" they argue they are wrong because of what tabloids say and it's detracting from the actual issues that do matter. PPE is a huge issue and needs discussing with facts.

The mortality rate ditto.

The same with all the mixing of how care homes aren't being given PPE. what they are ignoring is the facts that over 80% of care homes are private's and charge in excess of 1k a week. They are responsible for sourcing their own. Which apparently isn't difficult because we have private companies who have it in stock within the UK.

I understand there is nothing else to report atm. But we are in a precarious situation with peoples lives and trust in the government (and believe me I'm no Tory supporter!) and constantly printing false or unsubstantiated facts is not helping and creating a divide we don't need.

This morning a minister said clearly they didn't want to estimate and true stats would be released as they are substantiated and corroborated. He then got accused of calling those who had died a statistic and dehumanising them. Which wasn't the truth of what was said but it was emotive language to stir up the public.

If the media want to keep lockdown which they all called for they need to also accept some responsibility for correct reporting.

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onalongsabbatical Tue 21-Apr-20 10:40:20

But once again, you say the media when what you appear to be talking about is the tabloids and people/shows who reference the tabloids.
There's such a lot more to 'the media' than this.
I'm not sure what it is you're trying to say. If it's that dumbed down reporting is inaccurate, well, yes. Always has been and always will be. So partake of more intelligent sources.
Read the Guardian. Watch Newsnight. You will find things that are nothing like what you're referencing.

itsgettingweird Tue 21-Apr-20 11:14:22

I also read reputable sources and ignore tabloids. But I also have a tv and see what's being said there and see news on iPad when it pops up.

My pint is those of us who do source further reading are getting the facts and understand the reality of things like ONS figures and accurate reporting.

But how many of the population aren't accessing that and are being riled up or believe what being said that's inaccurate and reacting to that?

Today's ONS figures are out. They do show deaths above those reported in hospital.

But the figures are accurate deaths as registered and not a "ballpark" that the government keep being asked for.

And they actually show mortality rates are dropping so how can they be increasing by 50% in 2 days?

It's possible that the actual figures at the end of this will show there's an extra 50% of deaths on top of reported hospital deaths but reporting that when factually currently they are about 15% is sensationalising what is already a horrific set of data and realism of loss of human life.

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MashedPotatoBrainz Tue 21-Apr-20 11:24:02

Bad media demanding accurate answers from an incompetent and duplicitous government.

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