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Any Dentists available

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Joans3rddaughter Tue 21-Apr-20 08:04:47

Is anybody else worried about their dental health during the lockdown? 3 weeks ago DH had a tooth abcess. He contacted his dental practice and eventually the Receptionist "allowed" him to have a telephone consultation with the Dentist and he was prescribed antibiotics. Coincidentally, the following week I developed a tooth abcess and was also prescribed antibiotics. Yesterday DHs crown+bridge fell out at the site of his abcess. I understand why there has to be very limited dental care at the moment but I am worried about the implications for dental health as a result. Ordinarily, we would both have gone back to our Dentist after completing antibiotics but obviously this hasn't happened. Are there any Dentists on Mumsnet who can give any advice about my DHs situation?

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Gobbolinothewitchscat Tue 21-Apr-20 08:50:11

My husband is a dentist. Dental practices were essentially shut down on the instruction of the Chief Dental officer At the end of March. Many dental procedures produce aerosols which mean the risk of infection is very high - dentists and anaesthetists carrying out intubations are at the most risk of infection.

There was no choice for dentists but to cease work. They can provide remote advice over the phone and prescriptions for antibiotics and painkillers

Urgent care dental centres are being established where NHS dentists can see patients and carry out some procedures. However, as with all other HCPs, getting PPE is a problem. My DH should be working in one but still waiting for it to open. If you have a dental issue, you should call your usual dentist for phone advice and they can triage you and refer you to your local UDC if one is open. Patients cannot just turn up or make their own referral

The info last night was that open UDCs were running out of PPE so some will be shutting again very soon.

If you look on the BDA website, they have info for patients.

It is a total mess and my DH spends quite a lot of time speaking to understandably very distressed patients

Blueberry2020 Tue 21-Apr-20 08:58:23

I was two days of the final part of crown treatment when the announcement was made closing dental practices. I was pretty gutted but I think all dentists were too.

Yes, it worries me. I have a temporary filling which I think may be starting to fall out. 🤦‍♀️ It hurts a little on and off. But it’s just the way it is for now sadly.

DishRanAwayWithTheSpoon Tue 21-Apr-20 10:58:39

Hi OP, Im a dentist

If your DH had an abscess the damage has already been done really. His dental health was already not ideal - he had an infected and decayed tooth already in his mouth.

When you have an abscess the tooth has died, usually due to decay and the root has got infected, the infection travels to the tip of the root and you get a collection of pus. Treatment is usually either a root canal or an extraction.

The crown falling off is probably a good thing as it will hopefully allow the infection to drain. It most likely fell off because he had decay under it, although without seeing the tooth I cant fully say

If he doesnt get the tooth treated, the chance that it will need an extraction over root canal probably increases. But a bridged tooth with an abscess already is fairly poor prognosis, and might have required extraction anyway, and Im not saying it wont be saveable with a root canal.

The abscess or decay wont spread to other teeth or anything like that. I wouldnt worry too much, the long term implications of leaving a tooth with an abscess arent massive, it only really affects that one tooth and you have access to antibiotics.

Joans3rddaughter Tue 21-Apr-20 15:19:06

Thankyou all for replies and for your advice DishRanAway. My main concern is that failure to access treatment promptly will result in his options being reduced. Usually he would have been seen before and after antibiotics. DH has contacted his dental practice this morning and is awaiting a call back. Fingers crossed they can help.

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Fallsballs Tue 21-Apr-20 15:31:51

Hi OP - there was another thread on dentistry in current climate a couple of weeks ago. I had half a tooth and filling fall out (bang at the start of the outbreak) which held a dental plate on my upper gum - so I am now on the 3rd week of baby food, painkillers and no smiling. I did a home job filling with a boots kit on the advice of the triage dentist.

I agree it is very stressful and I too am wondering how the delay in treatment will affect my poor teeth. I may lose the tooth now or any chance of a crown and thus an entirely new dental plate will have to be made, which will be a hell of alot of £.
I am worried and scared, it’s a crap scenario for everyone and I am praying for the dentists to be allowed to work again which I’m sure you are too.

Inkpaperstars Tue 21-Apr-20 15:47:41

How will dentistry be got back up and running? Will it be based on transmission rate in the at some point they will be advised to take the risk, or is it about PPE, or other factors?

Joans3rddaughter Tue 21-Apr-20 19:01:06

You have my sympathy Fallsballs. I have a long and complicated dental history. I have one implant which was very expensive but a friend had one done on the NHS at the same time and it was much cheaper because she had it done at the Dental Hospital and it was done by Dental students under supervision.

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noraclavicle Tue 21-Apr-20 20:04:39

I suppose it depends where you are, OP. My DH had a crown come off and has managed to access emergency treatment in London.

Fallsballs Tue 21-Apr-20 21:50:55

I didn’t think you could ever get an implant on the nhs jordans3rddaughter - but perhaps in a hospital as practice, so to speak.
My dental plate is private because the nhs one made me gag it was so big (nice tmi). This whole experience is like a double bad dream.

I’ve checked noraclavicle and as far as I know Dentists are not doing anything except extractions here in Northern Ireland and you have to go to the hospital for that.

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