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Is everyone still paying their cleaner?

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Mikki77 Mon 20-Apr-20 18:02:58

Just out of interest is everyone still paying their cleaner. I have one friend who is and another who isn't as the cleaner 'does cash in hand' and he is self employed so isn't earning at the moment.

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okiedokieme Mon 20-Apr-20 18:18:40

No because I have lost lots of work

Elouera Mon 20-Apr-20 18:20:45

There are already at least 5 threads on paying cleaners this week!

sylbunny Mon 20-Apr-20 18:23:40

No I'm not! I didn't offer and she didn't ask. It just didn't cross my mind to be honest. It's always been our agreement that if she doesn't come (such as holidays) she doesn't get paid but I do pay if I cancel with short notice.

NChangeForNoReason Mon 20-Apr-20 18:24:14

No - but gave her an Easter bonus which was equivalent to half pay for 3weeks. Will do the same at May bank holiday.

Deliaskis Mon 20-Apr-20 18:53:14

I'm just transferring money every week as per usual. DH and I are still working and earning so it seems unfair that we profit from the restrictions placed on her ability to work.

Frompcat Mon 20-Apr-20 18:55:07

Yes of course. Unless you've lost your job you really should be.

bathsh3ba Mon 20-Apr-20 18:56:05

We have agreed to pay full rate till end April and review then.

Musicalmistress Mon 20-Apr-20 19:04:23

We're both on full pay in secure jobs & she's a single mum who runs her own business. She does an amazing job on our house- we've agreed to pay her as long as we're being paid. When I spoke to her we agreed to look on it as a retainer - holding a place in her diary for us once we get back to 'normal'.

Mikki77 Mon 20-Apr-20 20:29:22


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Mikki77 Mon 20-Apr-20 20:31:09

Thank you for all your replies. Sorry didnt see the other posts. Stay safe everyone.

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ThroughThickAndThin01 Mon 20-Apr-20 20:31:25

Yes, half.

stayingaliveisawayoflife Mon 20-Apr-20 20:37:23

Yes we are full amount. We are both still working so some things are slipping and we can't wait to have her back!

Floatyboat Mon 20-Apr-20 20:41:47

Can't cleaners claim assuming they are paying taxes as a sole trader. People paying is your cleaner limited company director or something?

Chewbecca Mon 20-Apr-20 20:44:39

No. It wasn’t mentioned by either of us.

I see it as a PAYG service, we only pay for what is worked. I do know our cleaner works for ‘pin money’ rather than to pay mortgage/ bills. If it was my previous cleaner who was a single mum paying all bills solely from her cleaning, I probably would have paid a %.

DH is furloughed and doing the cleaning, he would begrudge paying for it too!

Dalamalama Mon 20-Apr-20 20:47:57

I'm a cleaner and none of my clients are paying me. I'm not sure if I'd want it anyway especially as I'm not going back to a few of them. Them not offering me any pay has sealed that deal!

@floatyboat yes but not until the beginning of June at the earliest. Some will be ok if they've had the opportunity to save, others will have bugger all coming in.

BunsyGirl Mon 20-Apr-20 20:50:01

No, because my cleaner is a sole trader and can get Government help whereas my husband is a director of a small limited company and gets no help whatsoever.

TabbyStar Mon 20-Apr-20 20:57:11

Same as Bunsy except I'm the Co Director and there's just me.

TrainspottingWelsh Mon 20-Apr-20 20:58:59

Yes. We're both still on full pay so I don't see why she doesn't deserve the same. If I get furloughed which is becoming increasingly likely, we're still in a better position to manage without the money than she is. June is a long time to wait.

Floatyboat Mon 20-Apr-20 20:59:15

Obviously some people for lots of reasons don't manage to but surely someone in a self employed physical job would keep an emergency fund of 3 months expenses.

Dalamalama Mon 20-Apr-20 21:07:14

@floatyboat as you said not everyone is in a position to do that. I've been very busy so luckily I do have some savings. I can't even begin to imagine if I had no money coming in and no savings.

Perhaps people who've kept their full time jobs and have had their good, reliable cleaners for years could think about that.

Moogletea Mon 20-Apr-20 21:09:07

I was. Then my cleaner asked me to stop paying as her accountant had advised it might affect her ability to claim money. So I've stopped as she requested

Ardnassa Mon 20-Apr-20 21:13:11

Yes, full pay. Am still earning atm and have known him for years so while I am in a position to help him out, I will.

StrumpersPlunkett Mon 20-Apr-20 21:15:42

Yes. We pay her monthly even though she only works term time. She has offered to do some of the summer holidays instead.
I don’t think we will take her up on it as she needs to be with her kids!

Marphise Mon 20-Apr-20 21:26:11

My son's nanny (who also does work around the house) is still coming but if she wasn't able to, through no fault of her own, I'd keep paying her as long as I still had my own income. I'm her sole employer and she has no other revenue. I'm not leaving her high and dry if I can avoid it. She's done wonderful work for me and my son loves her so she's fully earned this kind of support.

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