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In your opinion, when do you think the kids will be back at school?

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HowFurloughCanYouGo Mon 20-Apr-20 14:47:38

I change my mind every day depending on what I read. It ranges anywhere between May and September.

I just wondered what others thought?

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Pitaramus Mon 20-Apr-20 14:51:38

September. Hopefully not before then! I don’t think I’d send mine back any earlier than that even if the schools did open sooner.

Waxonwaxoff0 Mon 20-Apr-20 14:52:21

I keep changing my mind too. Sometimes I think after May half term then sometimes I think September.

I think it depends on how the next few weeks go regarding case numbers dropping.

Changedname78 Mon 20-Apr-20 14:52:22


Maladicta Mon 20-Apr-20 14:52:57

Phased from after May half term for y10 and 12 and possibly y6 to help with transition.

WhatWouldYouDoWhatWouldJesusDo Mon 20-Apr-20 14:53:06

September. Probably even later.........our largest secondary school has been turned into a field hospital so obviously that can't be used until this is well over.

GiantPinesAhem Mon 20-Apr-20 14:53:20

I have a year six child. Would mean the world for them to go back before September.

Snowflakes1122 Mon 20-Apr-20 14:54:32


Justmuddlingalong Mon 20-Apr-20 14:56:37

When the scientists, government and infection numbers suggest it's time.

Magicbabywaves Mon 20-Apr-20 14:59:41

End of May.

Emcont Mon 20-Apr-20 14:59:49

When it's the right time, not when patents have had enough of their children hmm

BriseisPam Mon 20-Apr-20 15:00:15

Things will probably ease back to normal after May but it would be unfair to bring back year 6s and GCSE students to sit exams and if they do return it's just for about a month until summer holidays so I'm guessing they'll just reopen when it's the new term in Sep. Also what's going to happen to all these exams? Students either take their predicted grades or have the option to sit them at a later date?

PrimalLass Mon 20-Apr-20 15:03:24

1st of June.

Emcont Mon 20-Apr-20 15:03:51

P.s, your username is brilliant, OP 😂

HowFurloughCanYouGo Mon 20-Apr-20 15:06:51

When it's the right time, not when patents have had enough of their children

What the fuck? Was that aimed at me? I haven't had enough of my children! I'm happy to be at home with them, more than happy.
I'm being drafted in to work on the wards as of next week, so I'm savouring every minute.

So I really bloody hope that wasn't aimed at me!

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Gwynfluff Mon 20-Apr-20 15:08:56

Start with older years just before May half terms and have all back in England by mid June for a month.

Looking increasingly like it’s peaked now and that sensible social distancing and hand washing helped.

But I suspect main issue will be whether vulnerable teaching staff can get back. So might be mid June to allow 12 weeks for vulnerable.

VerbenaGirl Mon 20-Apr-20 15:09:11

It will depend on infection rates and evolving information on the virus. I think a phased return is very possible - with Y5, Y10 and Y12 going back first - possibly in June. Probably no full return until September.

CaryStoppins Mon 20-Apr-20 15:10:44

Possibly beginning of June but I think it will be in phases. Maybe KS2 & 3 first.

Bigfishylittlefishy Mon 20-Apr-20 15:10:45

Not sure to be honest, I’m thinking 1st June.

I am supposed to be starting my student nurse training in September so I’m sort of relying on my three being back to school by then (preferable with the before and after school club open).... so much uncertainty.

LolaSmiles Mon 20-Apr-20 15:12:33

Nobody knows and this is about the millionth thread asking the same question.

We'll be going back whenever the loudest voice in government has its say. Hopefully that will be evidence based from a range of experts and not when a select couple of advisors think they can twist the science for economic reasons.

stressbucket1 Mon 20-Apr-20 15:14:22

I have primary school age kids. I would hope after May half term. If it's safe to do so then. It would be nice for them to get back into the school routine for a few weeks and get prepared for the next school year. I think a lot of younger kids will struggle in September anyway.
No one is saying they have had enough of their children Emcont but being off until September makes me worried about their education and social development.
At the moment the risk if the virus outweighs the negative effects of school closures but hopefully soon the balance will tip the other way and we need to think about the childrens wellbeing too.

circusintown Mon 20-Apr-20 15:16:11

Does nobody watch the daily briefings? PPs are literally just plucking dates out of thin air here.

The education secretary yesterday said “currently no plans to have schools open over the summer period”

KeepWashingThoseHands Mon 20-Apr-20 15:16:21

I understood your question OP.

What I'd like (assuming it's 'safe' and realise that's a relative concept) is to go back for the month of July, then the 6 week hols as usual and start back in September.

May feels too early for me and can't see the govt going for it either.

Not going back before Sept seems like a long time for kids not to have interacted, but it is what it is. It's a big ask for parents who are still working FT from home to also play teacher for 6 months, as in the case in my house and many others I'm sure.

I do not consider school childcare. I consider it education and social interaction which are critical in children's development - nothing to do with being 'sick of'.

Menopauseandteensdontmix100 Mon 20-Apr-20 15:17:46

In short nobody knows and all the kids are missing out in one way or another. I am enjoying working from home and having everyone at home and safe with me.
Whilst I don't have a large part to play in homeschooling thankfully unlike those of you with younger children and don't see very much of the DC’s as they tend to spend more and more time alone in their bedrooms.
I have a 16 year old son in year 11 (GCSE year for those of you with much younger children). He is gutted he has missed out on sitting his GCSE’s (decisions have been made on this already and that ship has sailed), year 11 prom, 6th form induction, the last day of year 11 with leavers assembly and playing pranks on teachers etc. He is a bright lad predicted to do well, will easily get into 6th form and he is in remarkably good spirits.
However, I also have a DD in year 10 (the old 4th year pre GCSE’s the year when lions share of the GCSE course work is covered). She tries hard but isn't as academic as her brother. She is having school work thrown at her left right and centre. Some things they have already done, some teachers have sent the answers out then work etc etc. I think she is quite depressed about the school work/lack of actual teaching, not seeing her close friends face to face, wondering whether she will get back to school at all and what effect missing all this school will have on her GCSE’s.
No one knows, just love your kids and be there for them (as much as they will let you be if they are teenagers) and don’t rush them back to school too quickly.

carltonscroop Mon 20-Apr-20 15:19:04

If England then not before 1 June (ie after half term holiday)

Not sure where the dates fall for the other home nations. Sturgeon seemed to have been hinting not before August, and I do think September is also possible elsewhere

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