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Daily exercise and third trimester of pregnancy?

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RainMinusBow Mon 20-Apr-20 13:14:21

I'm 34 weeks' pregnant and low risk in every category. I have no underlying health conditions and fit and well. Textbook pregnancy (touch wood!)

Yesterday my ex-husband of six years (he's a controller) reported me to the police for going out and walking past my parents' house to wave which is on my route.

Police came out to ask of I'd been out? I actually hadn't that day, but I thought I was allowed my daily exercise like everyone else unless in "highly vulnerable" category which I'm not.

Can anyone clarify?

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Ginfilledcats Mon 20-Apr-20 13:19:44

You're allowed to exercise. I can't believe the police wasted their time on that!!
You're not in the shielded group who are NOT meant to leave their property. Just in the high risk. So as long as you adhered to social distancing rules, and the exercise rules I'd have thought that what you did was fine. What did the police say? Did you not ask them to clarify the rules?

I'm 33 weeks and go for a walk daily, not past my mums as she's about a 2 hr walk away haha, but if she lived within my 30 min circuit I wouldn't think twice about walking past and waving on my way!

Deelish75 Mon 20-Apr-20 13:24:16

My understanding is if you are text book pregnant then you are classed as vulnerable but you can still go out. My DP is vulnerable (has annual NHS flu jab) and he is still going for walks around our local park but he’s not going shopping and we got prioritised for shopping deliveries (although I have had to nip in to supermarket a couple of times)

Shielded/Highly vulnerable (which SOME pregnant women are -depending on what complications they are having) are supposed to stay home but I don’t think the police can make them.

What did the police say?

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