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Pubs/Restaurants could be close until Christmas!

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dottiedodah Mon 20-Apr-20 12:47:03

Well according to the DM(The paper that seems to know all these things!) Pubs could be shut for many months.Do you think this could spell the end of the licensed trade, especially all the lovely little country Inns ? .We live not far from the New Forest, and there are many little villages with quaint old pubs offering good food and drink in a pretty garden .As so many pubs were closing each week before the crisis ,can they survive ?

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hellsbells99 Mon 20-Apr-20 12:48:58

Very irresponsible reporting (and probably false) that will totally kill off the industry.

batvixen123 Mon 20-Apr-20 12:50:52

If they do stay closed that long they will close permanently. I imagine in due course new ones may open but in far fewer numbers and many of the nice old buildings will be lost forever as they'll have been sold off by then.

Derbygerbil Mon 20-Apr-20 12:52:19

Why Christmas?... Surely the time it is likely to kick off again alongside the winter flu spike!

I think they’ll reopen much sooner, but with social distancing in place, as the Government look to manage through massively ramped up contact tracing.

DuchessOfBeddington Mon 20-Apr-20 12:55:41

Where is this article OP, I couldn’t find it?

Pelleas Mon 20-Apr-20 12:57:31

I don't think they will be, although there may be intermittent phases of strict lockdown measures.

The stated aim of the government has always been to 'flatten the curve' - i.e. it's accepted that a certain proportion of people will have to contract the virus. Keeping constant lockdown will only delay an inevitable rise in cases whenever lockdown is lifted.

I imagine there is a plan for a phased lifting of lockdown, and pubs will be part of that. It may be that stricter measures are reintroduced during winter to coincide with the general rise in respiratory infections at that time.


P1nkHeartLovesCake Mon 20-Apr-20 12:58:46

Pubs I just don’t see how they can open any time soon tbh, they are normally small premises and will be rammed when they first open. You can’t trust someone who’s been drinking to maintain social distancing

Restaurants however maybe September time? Some will have to take tables out to allow a bit of social distancing though instead of squashing you in. No allowing drinks at the bar etc but it could be done

Dinosauratemydaffodils Mon 20-Apr-20 13:00:43

Our local pubs are all doing a great trade in takeout (both food and drinks). We're in Scotland so the licensing laws might be different but it's obviously legal because the landlord of the one closest to us keeps the village updated about the various people phoning the police on him.

midgebabe Mon 20-Apr-20 13:00:49

You do not need to have an inevitable ( significant and uncontrolled ) rise in cases and subsequent lockdowns if you could be bothered to follow WHO advice about testing and contact tracing and quarantining .

How long pubs stay shut for is almost certainly directly linked to how long we take to get out of this lockdown which depends on compliance, then the how long our government takes to get test and trace running

dottiedodah Mon 20-Apr-20 13:16:05

Duchess of Bedington .Just type in "pubs could be closed until Christmas" and Daily Mail article headline will come up

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TheHumansAreDefinitelyDead Mon 20-Apr-20 13:17:39

It’s awful for them

Then also being taunted by the nice weather

Would be sad to see small individual country pubs go sad

In our village the local pubs offer take out and volunteers bike around pub food deliveries to support them

dottiedodah Mon 20-Apr-20 13:18:27

I wondered if it was possible they could open (Garden only) through Some of the Summer months (say Sunday and a couple of days in the week ).Dont know what they would do about loos though!

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Wordofwarning Mon 20-Apr-20 13:26:14

Keeping them closed would be a massive financial error for the country.
A brief example is 2018-19 Amazon paid £4.5 mill tax, Black Sheep Brewery (with pubs) paid £8mill.

They pay a massive amount in duty and tax revenue which won’t get paid if beer can’t be sold....., never mind how many other businesses will fail too as they rely on trade to them, and jobs within the hospitality industry.

This website :

whatisforteamum Mon 20-Apr-20 14:14:15

I think this article is stretching the truth.Michel Gove said they would be the last to reopen.I work as a chef in a a very quaint country pub,restaurant and tbh it is rammed full at the weekends.Think all nooks and crannys.
No idea when we will reopen.Surely it is the last place people want to be at the moment.
My guess is late summer or Autumn with limited bookings.Normally now we would be turning.people away it would be so busy.

Mamamia456 Mon 20-Apr-20 14:19:03

What is for - Exactly, they just wanted a headline to grab attention. The important word is could. Many things could happen, it doesn't mean they will.

Lillyhatesjaz Mon 20-Apr-20 15:26:39

Which year?

dottiedodah Tue 21-Apr-20 07:43:25

LillyhatesJaz Presumably this one!!

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