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Do you think my son and I have had coronavirus

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user1488819536 Mon 20-Apr-20 09:56:03

In Feb this year, my toddler became sick with a relentless cough that made him sick , you could see him struggling to breath when you looked at his chest. He also would wake in the night coughing until he was sick, he would be sobbing and dripping in sweat,
I was changing his bedding twice each night.

. I took him to the doctor three times in a space of two weeks. First and second time they gave him antibiotics and said he had a high temperature . Antibiotics made no difference. The third time I took him in they got three doctors in to the room to look at him (didn't think it was unusual at the time but looking back it was a bit odd) they diagnosed him with a ' viral cough' .
He got better in the end but took forever.

A week or so later I starting coughing, it was the worst cough I have ever had, again it made me sick, I had nose bleeds. On two occasions I coughed non stop for over three hours. Sleep was impossible. I had a temperature. I also told my husband that I couldn't taste or smell anything, this went on for three weeks or so. I also said to him that I hurt all over, it was like nerve pain, any small touch really hurt.

I went to a slimming world meeting at had to leave as I couldn't stop coughing to the point I was sick several times and I got in the car and cried as I couldn't cope with the coughing any longer.

The cough and feeling like crap lasted for about three weeks.

I remember googling have I got pneumonia.

Even now, I still have a resdue cough and I still get out of breath really quickly.

I am sure I had it and my son too .

Anyone that has had it, does that sound similar?

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kimlo Mon 20-Apr-20 10:07:54

sounds similar to what I had last weekend in feb going in to march. I started with a temp that kept spiking to over 39, it hurt to move, I couldn't follow a converstation. I had a cough, felt like I couldn't breath in all the way but my usual asthma meds made no difference, I had a stabbing pain on the side of my head. I saw the doctor again at over a week in because I still couldn't breat properly. My chest still isn't quiet right but is much better.

Half of the people I work with were off with the same symptoms, or where still at work but showing sypmtoms, it hot some people harder than others. My dh got it felt awful but not stay off work awful.

My doctor said it was flu, one other person at work was told flu, another chest infection. No one else saw a doctor.

I don't think I'll ever know what it really was, and until they prove immunity one way or the other it doesn't matter anyway.

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